The Family Pet by Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory

Set in their New Gothenberg World, but easily read standalone, The Family Pet by Ki Brightly and M.D  Gregory is taboo for so many delicious reasons...  

From the blurb:

Saint Godfrey’s world is turned upside down when he learns his parents stole money and left him behind to flee the city. The luxurious and easy life he is accustomed to disappears, leaving him to work a menial job while hiding his name in shame.

Ridge Godfrey has issues. His mother doesn’t want him around, and his father does nothing but clean up his messes. When he accidently comes across his cousin working as a waiter, his luck changes. Now Ridge can give Saint to his father on a silver platter and prove Ridge isn’t useless.

Bowie Godfrey isn’t angry at Saint, but he does want what he is owed. He gives his nephew a choice: become his pet and Bowie will pay off the people who want to kill Saint over stolen money, or Saint can deal with the consequences of his father’s actions alone. Bowie has no plans to feel anything for Saint, but as he spends more time with his nephew and son, he begins to realize a missing piece of his life might’ve been right in front of him all this time.

The Family Pet is a full-length taboo novel with Daddy/boy and Pet Play elements between Father/Son, Cousin/Cousin, and Uncle/Nephew. This story begins with dark situations that involve blackmail, but as Bowie, Ridge, and Saint start to weave their relationships, they make their way toward a happily ever after.

Heather's Review:

Dub-con, blackmail, rivalry, humiliation, forced confinement... all kept in the family and leading to a HEA!  Yep, so much going on and it's delicious!  Spicy, dirty and even a little sweet, if you like a darker taboo story with age gap, pup, daddy, boy and so much more, you'll want to add The Family Pet to your TBR immediately!  I read this book cover to cover and barely stopped to notice the world...

Because of the nature of the book, you can only get it at Smashwords, but it's so worth it!  BTW- there is also some violence... cause, well... 

Rating: 5 Stars

Reed Kaye's Review:

If you have triggers please don't buy this book but if you don't it's really good.  A dysfunctional family takes out their resentment in a surprising way.

This is the first I’ve read by this author that has touched on this kink.  I’ve read a number of books that are part of the world this takes place in.  I’ve loved each, matter of fact it was The Madam’s Baby Boy that really got me involved.  This is where I was introduced to the Courtesan Hotel and Darcy and Madam Winters.  Them having part in this story just brought it together for me.

Saint is being held responsible for his parents cheating people out of a lot of money. Those cheated don’t care if Saint knew about it or not.  He is the son and being forced to dealing with death threats.  His cousin and uncle go to the restaurant he is waiting tables, trying to make enough money for rent.   Since the history between the two brothers and sons has always been bitter, they decide this is their chance to take out their resentment on Saint.  Bowie, his uncle sets up the conditions for Saint to get his protection.  While this is being initiated Bowie’s son Ridge gets included and now both men are treating Saint as a pet.  While Bowie is trying to make sure Saint will be not held responsible any longer, Saint’s dad reappears.  Saint’s dad makes it clear he has no use for Saint.  He also spills the beans on some of the history between Bowie and him.  I enjoyed this story and hope more of this type will be written.

Rating: 5 Stars