The Devil's Curse, Scions of the Underworld #2, by P.S. Scott

Longing, love and redemption! The Devil's Curse has it all.

From the blurb:

General Michael of Elysium is all that is honorable and pure. He has faithfully served his country after being betrayed and cursed by his best friend, Darius, during the Millennium War. But when the curse prevents him from getting his dream position in Elysium’s government, he has no choice except to seek out his old friend with whom he shares a complicated history.

Darius, powerful and silver-tongued, is branded a fallen angel after selling his country's secrets to the enemy. A member of Inferno’s court, he spends his days mindlessly pursuing pleasure, trying to forget the only man he loved— Michael. Until Michael shows up and demands that Darius reverse the curse he laid. Though Darius is reluctant, he needs Michael’s help and so, he agrees to a devil’s bargain. But the delicious attraction that burns between them might be too hard to resist.

Journeying through the country together, Darius and Michael learn more about each other’s secrets. When the feelings that they’ve been denying explode, the two angels discover that under layers of tension lies a deep love that could destroy everything they've worked for.

The Devil’s Curse is a slow-burn M/M fantasy romance featuring loads of sizzling tension, pining, steam, and a happy ending (HEA).

What readers are saying about The Devil's Curse:

“The romance between Michael and Darius was everything my heart needed. I laughed, I cried, I pined, I hoped, I rejoiced. Hard recommend. This is *chef's kiss*”

— May, Dissociationbybooks

“This is the type of feel good romance that I love. Like any romance that you feel in your gut these two have enemies to lovers with a lot of angst and a slow burn covered. But once they got set on fire y’all the spice was *chefs kiss*.”

— Mattie, Instagram reviewer

“I really enjoyed the romance, like A LOT! It’s such a slow burn enemies to lovers and it’s so well done! If you love slow burn, enemies to lovers fantasy romances, you should check this one out!!!”

— Anais, A trail of pages

“I enjoyed this story! The plot was intriguing and kept me engaged right to the end! If you’re a fan of fantasy stories similar to works by Sarah J Maas I think you’ll enjoy this story!”

—Lily, Blogger & Reviewer

Holly's Review:

Michael and Darius meet when they are young angels being taught to be soldiers. Their friendship quickly blossoms, but in a world where their feelings can never be acted upon, Darius tries to do the right thing and put some distance between them. 

Years later, on the battlefield, they come face to face, and rather than take the life of the man he loves, Darius takes Michaels's wings instead. More time passes, and the pair come face to face. As they both secretly pine for the time they've lost, a mission brings them closer. Just when you think they're lost to each other forever, Michael decides to take control of his destiny. 

This is a beautifully written story with incredible world-building and 3D characters. The slow burn between the two is just perfect, and when they do embrace their feelings, it's so hot ice would melt. I enjoyed every word. 

Rating: 5 Stars

The Devil's Curse is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimted subscription.