#TeaserTuesday: Chasing You by Felicity Snow


For today's #TeaserTuesday, we have an excerpt from Felicity Snow's debut novel: Chasing You. You can check out this book on Valentine's Day - Tuesday, February 14.

From the Blurb:

Emmett has never been in love before. And he never expected that his first time would be with someone he can't pursue a relationship with.

Cash is amazing. Kind, intelligent, humorous, passionate. He has a breathtaking smile and his laughter is contagious. But he's also eighteen, and Emmett's student. He knows his feelings can't lead to anything, so he does his best to ignore them, block them out, until Cash graduates and leaves for college on the other side of the country. He won't have to look at him anymore, or think about him anymore. He can go back to his life before Cash Christian ever entered it and stole his heart.

And it works, for five years, until Cash comes back. When Emmett runs into him again all the feelings he thought had vanished come rushing back. And it's terrifying. Because Emmett is engaged, and getting married in three months.

To make things worse, Cash is working with him now, and they are spending more time together than ever before. In the end, Emmett is torn between doing what he feels is right, and following his heart. Does he commit to the woman he proposed to? Or does he finally tell Cash how he feels?


Holy shit. Cash? he thought. That can’t be Cash. It had been five years since he’d seen the boy, but holy fuck, Cash wasn’t a boy anymore. He’d grown up, and if possible he was even more handsome than when he’d been in high school. The same tousled dark hair of course, and striking green eyes, even from a distance, but his face was now covered in stubble and he was more filled out. More toned, less cute, Emmett thought, and more strikingly handsome. He wore dark wash jeans and a gray Henley under a green jacket.

Fuck, Emmett thought, I should really stop staring. This is awkward. Oh God, he’s looking up. He’s looking at me. Jesus, what the fuck am I doing?

Chasing You will be available on Febuary 14, 2023 for wide distribution!