Stitch Me, Bears-4-U bu K.C. Carmine

Romancing the man that may just be his perfect fit, Rod doesn't want to let the fun, gorgeous, independent Caleb slip through his fingers. Rod has a way of making Caleb feel happy and complete, his company and his caring way of giving Caleb the pain he needs is everything. Two men that find a supportive partner that may just be forever. The Bears-4-U multi author series has another hit with Stitch Me.

From the blurb:

When a bad-boy immigrant wants to explore his kinky side, Rod is willing to give him much more than his firm hand.

His career a mess and his sex life a string of meaningless hookups, Rod is ready for a change. He needs someone who can fit into his world as a true partner, but also feed his dominant and sadistic sides. Impossible? Maybe, but he needs to try. He signs up for a new dating app Bears-4-U, where a feisty young man catches his eye.
Desperate to escape his dead-end existence in the US, Caleb flees to England in search of a different life. Along comes a true friend, a new dating app, and a chance to find a cuddly bear to submit to, but can he really trust that Rod won’t abandon him like everyone else has?
Consumed by his white-hot passion, Rod refuses to let his perfect sub slip from his grasp. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to earn Caleb’s love before they run out of time.

A high-heat MM romance.

Stitch Me contains: a dating app, age gap, D/S, exploring k!nks, Cuddly S@dist, feisty pain sIut, high heat, travel, MM, HEA
Please read the TW/CW at the beginning of the book prior to reading!

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Bears-4-U) but all are standalone stories. D/s BDSM. Slight age gap. Instalove. Dual POV. 

New to Bristol, Caleb is trying to make ends meet by selling his art and participating in illegal fights when he gets his latest head wound from a bar fight cleaned up by a kind, beautiful bear of a man. Rod is a Dom wishing for a sub to care for, and when he matches on a dating app with the independent Caleb, he knows that he can meet all of Caleb’s needs for pain and for surprisingly more, as they seem compatible in so many ways. Immediate attraction and chemistry turns quickly to thoughts of long-term commitment, first from Rod and then Caleb, soon feels the same. 

Fabulous spicy scenes, solid background for both men to understand their motivations, likable main characters, and honest communication from both Caleb and Rod about their wants, needs and emotions. 

A really entertaining read with a couple that are both supportive of each other and able to fill each other's empty spaces in all the best ways.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Nicole's Review:

Caleb is carrying so much hurt and guilt, and trying to start fresh while still supporting his mother. Rod is a lonely sadistic daddy/Dom who has lost himself and is losing his interest in kink. A brief meeting between these men has an instant spark, and a surprise match on the Bears-4-U app gives them a second chance. 

There was sooooo much delicious kink as Caleb discovers that Rod can show him safe ways to get the pain and torment he craves.  

I absolutely adored this book! It had just enough depth to the characters to make their intense, but fast-paced relationship believable.  

Stitch Me definitely ended up on my read again list.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Another wonderful offering from the Bears-4-U multi-author series!  KC Carmine delivers a pair of MCs who are a true matched pair... a Daddy Dom with sadistic tendencies and a boy in need of both pain and protection!

Caleb's story is heartbreaking and sweet at the same time and finding a teddy bear daddy dom is just what he needs and deserves after literally fighting his way to Bristol.  I also appreciated what an interesting mix of stern, sadistic and sweet Rod was!

Stitch Me was a quick and entertaining read - please make sure if you have triggers, that you note the TW in the book!

Rating: 5 Stars

Miki J's Review:

I'll be honest, I don't normally read books with kink, especially with pain......but I was curious and I'll admit - I really did enjoy this book. Yes, the couple have a certain dynamic/kink but at the core, they are 2 people wanting to find their "someone" and they do....just takes them a bit..... Caleb is lost, lacking in confidence and is so so angry ..... and Rod, he's become very set in his life, so much so that he's not actually "living". They make an initial connection, but true to fate, don't get names etc.....and by "chance", they meet up again. It's very romantic and they have a very deep connection....but life does get in the way. Sweet romantic tale of letting go, letting someone in and taking a chance. I'm glad I did !!

Rating: 4 Stars

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