Death on Denial, Quest Investigations, Book 4 By: E.J. Russell Narrated by: Greg Boudreaux

Death on Denial was an enjoyable conclusion to this series. This series wouldn't have been the same without narrator Greg Boudreaux!

From the blurb:

DOA becomes BRB when this client goes MIA....

When I agreed to accompany my selkie boyfriend on a private boat trip, I didn’t realize the invitation included a swim. In the Pacific. In November. Naked. And I certainly didn’t expect to have our swim derailed the instant I got in the water—holy crap, that’s c-c-cold—by a literal boatload of selkie clan

Climbing out of the water in front of them—did I mention naked? Yeah, way to make a brilliant first impression. Then things get worse: I get served. Not in the metaphorical sense, either. Nope, I’m being sued.

By Death.

Well, not Death precisely, but an Ankou—a Celtic psychopomp who escorts the departed to their final destinations. This guy is miffed that his workload has increased exponentially, which he blames on my actions in Sheol on an earlier case. I’m not about to take the heat when eons of shady demon shenanigans finally come home to roost, but here at Quest Investigations, we aid any and all supernatural folk in need—especially if they’ll drop their specious lawsuits against the agency’s lone human.

When the Ankou skips out on us, though, all hell breaks loose. Because without anyone to lead them on, the dearly departed become nearly departed and stick around to party hearty. Now it’s not just the selkie leaders complicating my love life—it’s the ex-living as well.

And when one of the ex-living decides not to remain ex? Things get really complicated, not to mention deadly.


Death on Denial is the fourth in the Quest Investigations M/M mystery series, a spinoff of E.J. Russell’s Mythmatched paranormal rom-com story world. It contains no explicit sex or violence, and although there is a romantic subplot, it is not a romance. The series is best listened to in order.

Jacquie's Review:

While I'm hoping that this isn't the last outing for Quest Investigations, it is the perfect way to end things if it is. Finally. Finally, Hugh/Matt gets his man and in spectacular style too!

The ongoing plot comes full circle and everything is tied up nicely. It absolutely needs to be read/listened to in order.

Not going to lie, I nearly shed a tear for a certain werewolf. I adore him and his character growth has been immense.

As usual the narration was perfect.

Please don't let this be the last from Quest!

Rating: 5 Stars

Alyssagp's Review:

I have enjoyed every book in the Quest Investigations series, Death on Denial book number four by E.J. Russell was an amazing way to end things. I hope this isn’t the last book in this series, but I have a feeling it is. 

The hilarity and friendships in this book series brings warmth and light to the investigations Hugh (real name Matt) has to go on, and in this installment the connections Hugh has formed are really tested.

It was endearing seeing all the regular members of the Quest Investigations, plus some of the other supernaturals from the E.J. Russell’s Mythmatched Universe series. The mystery in this book had an ending I wasn’t expecting. As always Greg Boudreaux did a great job preforming this book; this series would not have been the same without him!

I truly do hope there is more books in the Quest Investigations series. But, if not I’ll enjoy this series for what it was, and I’ll reread/re-listen to E.J. Russell’s work.

Rating: 5 Stars

Death on Denial is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.