Death Eternal (Necromancer Rising Book 1) by Richard Amos

"Enjoyable! The story-line was very interesting!" - Alyssagp on Death Eternal.

From the blurb:

Death is supposed to be the end.
Not in my world.

The dead never move on, not since Death walked off the job and disappeared. As a necromancer, it’s my job to police the spirits while they remain stuck and, well, problematic a lot of the time.

Death really needs to take his head out of his backside and get back to work, wherever he might be.

After a horrible incident in the tunnels of the London Underground, my life takes a sharp turn. It’s all my fault and I’m sent off to a small town, a move to keep me out of sight and mind for the time being. Shamed, reputation dragged through the dirt.

I’m not getting that promotion anytime soon.

On my first day in the town, I get caught up in a strange murder case, and Death saves my life.
Yes, the Death. The delectable, mysterious Death.

Goodness, he is hotness personified. But what happened to make him walk away from his responsibilities? And why is he so deliciously tempting, my desire a raging inferno every time he looks at me with those incredible eyes?
I shouldn’t be thinking of an immortal being like this, but with every passing hour I can’t stop myself from falling deeper into infatuation.

I want him.

Resistance is... impossible.

Death Eternal is the first book in an M/M Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance series packed with mystery, danger, a knitting necromancer, a delectable immortal being, plenty of sizzle, and rather disgusting liquid mushrooms.

Alyssagp's Review:

Death Eternal by Richard Amos was so entertaining! 

Main character Marcel is a necromancer working in London when an accident happens. He is moved to a small town, but on the journey Marcel is attacked by a rogue necromancer there he meets Death. 

When the necromancer tries to kill Marcel, Death saves his life. Death having taken a leave of absence is the reason necromancers are important. Marcel and Death become friends while they try to figure out what’s happening in Marcel’s new residence. 

The mystery of this story was intriguing and I enjoyed the dynamics between Death and Marcel. 

This was an enjoyable read.

Rating: 4 Stars

Death Eternal is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.