Wish (Westbrook Elite #3) by Cambria Hebert

Wish was a beautiful story of the bonds of family and love. It's certainly moved itself to one of my top Cambria Hebert reads to date, right up there under Trent and Drew. 

From the blurb:

For me, choice might as well be a wish.
My parents died in a fiery car crash when I was barely sixteen.
I’m gay.
I’m also totally in love with my brother.
I didn’t choose any of that. In fact, I’ve tried like hell to deny it. But here I am in all my gay, brother-loving, no-parentals glory.
Technically, Max isn’t my brother. Not by blood anyway. That should make it less ick, right?
Considering he calls my parents mom and dad, probably not.
Also, did I mention he’s straight?
So that’s me: the freestyle swimmer doing my best to keep my sexuality on the down-low while simultaneously wishing my feelings for Max will evaporate into thin air.
Too bad he acts like he’s my keeper and my heart shakes every time his eyebrow ring glints in the sun or he levels his opaque stare on me with an intensity matched by nothing else.
My desire to keep my personal life personal drowns at the bottom of the pool when a fellow Elite lets everyone in on my business, which throws Max into macho protective mode all over again.
Enough is enough, though. I’m forcing myself to move on.
Maybe the best way to forget about my forbidden crush is to find a new one.
I have options. More than I realized.
Unfortunately, none of them are leather-wearing, tattoo-sporting, motorcycle-riding grumpholes.
So here I am wishing for Max while someone else wishes for me.
Someone who decides if they can’t have me…
No one will.

Please note that WISH contains homophobia. There is also mention of off-page child abuse and parental death. This book also contains a male/male sibling-esque relationship and mentions of male assault. Some readers may find these things uncomfortable.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"I'd looked at Max thousands of times. I'd seen him change from a boy into a man. It would never be enough. He was and would always be my eyes' favorite resting place."

Whoa... I wasn't expecting this book to hit me so hard in the chest. Usually Cambria Heberts books are light and funny. They always pack in the feels and focus on the romance, but I'm not used to such angst from her. This is not me complaining. Wish included many moments of the laughter and jokes and lightness I've come to expect. It also included some tough moments and such longing I even felt it in my own heart. Wes and Max's journey to their HEA was not easy. There were many obstacles to overcome. I had tears in my eyes more than once while reading this book, however both times had to do with the amazing woman who was called Mom by Wes, Win, and Max, not due to any relationship angst in case you were worried.

" I thought I would have a lot more years before I handed him over to you."

Can you blame me for my blubbering after that quote? I think not. But back to the boys. On top of loving this trio that made up their family, I also adored the found family they had. Jamie and Ryan along with their ladies were exactly what true friends should be. Wes had such a supportive group of people in his life and by extension Max did too. Win, Wes's brother, was such an amazing character too. If it wasn't for him I don't know how long Max would have silently hidden and beat himself up over how he felt about Wes. Max was right when he said that Win was their sunshine and it took Win shining some much needed light on Max for him to truly open up.

"When you were your most broken and beaten, it was him you sought. Little curly-headed Wes who slept with a nightlight just so you could find your way to him if you needed to."

This truly was such a beautiful story. It was also a pretty steamy story once Max finally pulled his head out of his ass. And the steam was HOT. I'm talking scorching and possessive, my favorite. There were also a few subplots, with one kinda OTT, but mainly the focus was on the dynamic and romance between the MCs. I'm happy the author stated that they are planning more MM in this series and this is me putting it out into the universe for this to include Win's book. I need more of that man and since MM is my jam I have my fingers crossed for a good ol bi-awakening, maybe with the mysterious Lars. Just Saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

Rating: 5 Stars

Wish is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.