What a Duke Desires (The Brotherhood: Origins #1) by Merry Farmer

The first Brotherhood series was my first experience with the world of m/m historical romance. I binge read each book of the series that was already published and anxiously awaited each following book. All good things must end though, right? Not when one of your favorite authors decides to write the origin story of the most amazingly supportive group of men I’ve found in historical romance! I’ve been excited for this series ever since she took a poll in her Facebook group and introduced the idea of writing The Brotherhood’s origin story. What a Duke Desires is the first in this series.

From the blurb:

To win a prize that will redeem his shattered reputation, the Duke of Burville must masquerade as a commoner…

Wentworth Rawley might be a duke, but his title means nothing after he voted against his peers and in favor of the Reform Act…mere months after being caught in an extraordinarily compromising position with an older lover at a public party. Isolated and alone, Wentworth would do anything to be accepted by the ton again.

But when the opportunity to regain everything he’s lost falls into his lap, he has to choose between the ton and the one man who has stood by him through the worst of times…the man he secretly loves…his valet, Jack.

Jack Cotton rose from nothing to be the right-hand man of London’s most notorious duke. He owes Wentworth everything, so when Wentworth turns to him for help with the strange quest that will restore him to his rightful place in society, Jack throws everything he has into the task.

Everything including his heart.

But as desperately as Jack loves Wentworth, he cannot declare that love. Wentworth is a duke, and the place in society he wants can only take him miles out of Jack’s reach. That doesn’t stop Jack from giving everything so that his beloved can have what he desires.

Be careful what you wish for. It might stop you from getting what you truly desire!

What a Duke Desires is a heartfelt story of two lost souls with only each other to rely on, a trek across England without the benefit of money or class, mischief in a hayloft, nasty nobles and vicious valets, an ball that no one wants to attend, and constant confusion about sleeping arrangements.

Please Be Advised: Steam Level – Pretty darn hot! This is not your grandma’s Historical Romance

Ms Aimers Review:

The fact that Wentworth Rawley, Duke of Burville, and Jack Cotton are from extremely different backgrounds plays a significant part in this book. I appreciated that the difference in their behavior based on their locations was depicted and explained. I also appreciated the foundation that was laid for the books to follow. George seems to have been an observant and sneaky matchmaker. One wonders what he might have accomplished if he hadn’t waited to act seemingly from beyond the grave. In my opinion, George is the godfather of what will eventually become The Brotherhood. I don’t mean the godfather in the mob sense of the word, but rather he was the creative force and inspiration behind it.

Caruthers is an irredeemable villain who gets his just desserts. I loved to hate him! In one of my favorite scenes in the book, Wentworth chooses to make an example of him and Caruthers’ mask slips. It’s as if he never thought the tables would be turned on him. I was cheering and dancing in my chair when I read that scene!

Merry ended this book with an Easter egg for those who have read the first Brotherhood series. I strongly recommend the first series, but this book can be enjoyed on its own.

Rating: 5 Stars

What a Duke Desires is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.