Until I Saw You by Dianna Roman

"Dianna Roman is a new-to-me author and I'm really glad I was able to get introduced to their writing in Until I Saw You." - Angel.

From the blurb:

Harper Reid has no money and nowhere to go, but he can't spend one more day under the same roof as his abusive boyfriend. Desperate to start fresh, he takes on a special case through the caregiver agency that contracts him. The client has fired everyone else, but this job includes lodging, so Harper will find a way to make it work until he's back on his feet.

High-flying, eccentric Riley Davenport has lost his sight, effectively clipping the vivacious man's wings. Learning to navigate in darkness is difficult enough without being treated like a house plant by his girlfriend, parents, and friends. The last thing he needs is another pushy caregiver, hovering over him, curtailing the last of his freedom. But Harper Reid is different...very different.

Nervous, quiet, reserved. It's almost like Harper has secrets and is the one who needs to be taught how to live again. And why does he smell like sugar cookies? Men aren't supposed to smell delicious.

An MM romance story of survival, healing, and finding the courage to love.

Angel's Review:

Until I Saw You is such a beautiful, powering, and poignant story. This embodies the message that just because you might think you're broken doesn't mean you are. 

Riley is struggling, he's just lost his eyesight and his doctor told him it's never coming back. He doesn't know how to do things without his sight. And his girlfriend? Yeah, she's not helping. 

After breaking up with his girlfriend and during two of the workers that his insurance company has sent out to him, he feels a bit lost. That is, until Harper comes into his life and flips it upside down, in a good way. 

Harper just got out of a mentally, physically,and emotionally abusive relationship. He's still trying to recover from that, but he needs a job and a place to stay. When he shows up on Riley's doorstep, he wasn't expecting to be allowed to stay, nor was he prepared to fall for his 'patient'. 

With Harper's fears and his ex's words scaring Harper away from the good hrs building with Riley, will they work out? Or will Harper seclude himself away? 

I enjoyed this book. It was, at times, graphic, yet not too graphic at the same time. I would definitely listen to the trigger warnings if you think those topics might be triggering for you. There is definitely talk of abuse and reoccurring abuse as well. 

But! It also talks about healing, and the power of friendships. And how having people who care and accept you as is can be so healing. I enjoyed the characters so much, I'm in love with Larry. He's so cute. The descriptions of everyone's character were really great. The plot was good, as was the overall writing and pace of the story. 

Heat level is about a... 3.5? Maybe a 4. 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Laora's Review:

Until I Saw You' is in my opinion such a well-chosen title for this book in the broadest way possible. There are so many ways that seeing by sight or by 'feelings' is a crucial part of this book. Either seeing the other or either Riley and Harper themselves, which might be the hardest.

"Healing , Rosalyn said. Part of recovering from abuse is healing and allowing yourself to grieve. So, I bury my face and weep over the self-inflicted abuse I gave my heart. This time, it's okay to cry." - Harper.

Dianna wrote this book with so much sensitivity without the characters becoming caricatures. This opposites attract, hurt/ comfort, bi-awakening is so well laid out and balanced and beautifully worded whilst giving me so many emotions without them overwhelming me that I reached the end of the book before I knew it. 

 "As all those images fade and blur, as my head pounds beyond reason, I take comfort in knowing that when everything is black again, they'll still be true." - Riley

Riley is by default a glass full person, and I enjoyed how his character was developed throughout. Harper is strong and so giving to a fault. He went through trauma but realizes he really has to deal with his past. And he too has a natural development throughout the story.

"It's dark, but I'm no longer in the dark. I have my light back, and he's going to be okay." - Riley.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Until I Saw You stole my heart... two men, both facing challenges - one physical (blindness) and one emotional (recent past domestic abuse) who come together as patient/carer, roommates then friends before taking the leap to become more...  it's also a bi-awakening, hurt/comfort romance with so much emotion and yet, so much positivity....

I absolutely loved how these two characters enrich each others lives and grow into each other... this was another beautiful story and I hope to see these two pop up as side characters in future books!

Rating: 5 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

This will sure show I’m no author. I don’t even know where to start on a review for this story. Two perfect characters that I would like to hug both or live next door to. A story that I can only describe as a continual roller coaster ride.

Riley is an answer for everything daredevil. He made me laugh so much. He is blind and is floundering his future. He is testing the patience of angels. He breaks up with his girlfriend and is then sent a care giver that upends his behaviors.  

Harper is a guy down on his luck. Living with an abusive boyfriend he gets faced with having to make a choice. His friend finds him a job as a care giver to Riley. Right from the beginning they start out as the odd couple. Where Harper is skittish and afraid of everything, Riley is afraid of little. I could picture blind Riley riding his motorcycle while Harper held on for dear life. I loved the frosting and knock on the door.  

So much funny going on with these two. Riley standing up to Dallas. Riley’s mom is a secondary character who brings joy to the story.  

I could continue gushing but this is a story I recommend everyone read.

Until I Saw You is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.