#TeaserTuesday: January Blues by Jax Stuart

Jax Stuart is back with a new spin-off book featuring witches, a demon and more - January Blues. I'm reading this right now and loving where it goes after this excerpt... delicious!


While practically human in a coven of powerful witches, Cody has still picked up an enemy. After an assassination attempt fails spectacularly, his rival summons a demon to get rid of him.

Contracted to ruin Cody's life, Toth tries everything within the rules to break the perpetually cheerful man. Nothing he does seems to work, and he is pressed to try something else: seduce Cody.

Cody's hidden magic soon has Toth under his spell and he has to decide if his freedom or Cody's heart are more important.

January Blues is a spinoff from the Sweetwater Pack series but can be read as a standalone. While mpreg does happen in this world, it doesn't in this story. 


“Quezalintoth, hear my call. Act as my agent. Do my bidding.”

I fucking hated being summoned, especially by this shit stain of a witch. I mean, Basil? Who the fuck calls their kid Basil? Obviously, he came from a traditional witch family. They loved to give their kids nature related names. There were a half dozen Rains and Rivers out there in just the Northarbor area alone where this fuckwit was based, all of them cronies of Basil. Basically, Basil was the kind of witch that gave all witches a bad name. However, since the dickhead knew my true name and had performed the spell perfectly, I had no choice but to answer his call.

January Blues is available for pre-order on Amazon and will release January 30th in paperback and e-book format and will be available to read in Kindle Unlimited with your subscription