#TeaserTuesday: Chaos (Tattoos and Ties #3) by Kindle Alexander

For today's #TeaserTuesday, we have a special sneak peek at Kindle Alexander's Chaos, book three in their Tattoos and Ties series. Chaos releases on Sunday, February 5th, 2023.

From the Blurb:

Dev Devilman Fox, the best ink slinger in town, is known for his sharp wit, angry fists and epically bad decisions. Becoming a lifelong patched member of the Disciples of Havoc MC at eighteen years old is probably the worst…but certainly not the only. When his hot new tenant catches his eye, Dev jumps in headfirst, ready to drive full throttle wherever that sexy road leads. That is until he finds himself on another hairpin turn, careening his life toward the closest brick wall.

Special Agent Cash Thomas has spent years undercover rooting out bad apples within various federal agencies. When his latest assignment brings him face to face with a sinfully tempting man from his past, his priorities shift on a dime. Now his reputation as a dedicated and focused field agent is in question. When faced with the opportunity to repay the man who once saved his life, smudging a few well-established lines is the least he’ll do.

When their paths collide can a bond from the past save their future or will it bury
them under the chaos? Leathers might shield them from road rash, but they can’t protect them from heartbreak.

Chaos is a suspenseful motorcycle club romance with strong male leads. A stand-alone story in the Tattoos and Ties series. If you like sexy alpha males ready to take on the world for the one they love and intriguing storylines with many twists and turns, give Chaos a try.


Cash took a small step back. Then a larger one. Dev followed, staying in his
personal space until the back door slammed shut behind him. The biker’s face lifted an
inch or two to place a long, heart-filled, semi-chaste kiss on Cash’s lips. “Maybe these
kisses work like Mae’s fairy magic dust. My joy ended when you left this mornin’. Now
it’s returnin’. Maybe that kiss will ignite somethin’ new.”

Cash let those words bounce around in his head. They were sweet and easily
spoken. Dev had a way with words, mainly due to the way he spoke his mind all the
time. Cash concentrated on the child reference, pretending not to know. “Mae is…?
Hopefully not a magic fairy you spend time with regularly.”

That broke the sizzling connection of their moment, something his heart needed to
have happen. His focus had to remain on navigating all the potential landmines forming
around them.

Dev’s laughter had his body easing off Cash’s. A breath he hadn’t known he held
released as Dev went down the hallway toward the stairs.

“Mae’s my five-year-old daughter. I have two girls. You saw them both. Abigail is
eleven now, I think. Yeah, eleven. She acts like she’s thirty-five.” He rounded the newel
post and looked back at Cash who followed. “You had to have heard the exchange with
my bitch ex-wife. She took off today with no warnin’. She’s a cunt. Brought a fuckin’ few
weeks’ old puppy with her.” Dev trudged up the stairs, his footsteps heavier with each
word spoken. “How about that dinner? Got anything leftover?”

“I have half a wrap left over. No protein…”

“Like lettuce,” Dev asked and stopped in the middle of the staircase, looking down
at him. “Did you just offer me lettuce?”

“And Beyond Chicken, I believe.” Cash couldn’t hold in the amusement at Dev’s
horrified expression.

“My happy place today came with the idea you were next door to fuck as we saw fit,
and maybe I could bum some food off you occasionally. You’re ruinin’ my happy place.”
Dev spun around with aggravation in his tone and movements. “Goddamn no meat

Dev stopped again a few more steps up. This time giving him an accusatory look.
“You ate my meat. Swallowed some animal protein if I remember correctly.”

Cash barked out a laugh. He knew the others listening had too. Dev’s words were
too unexpected not to be funny.

“So, you’re saying I should go get the wrap for you?”

“Fuck no,” Dev said at his front door. “I’ll fare better with my two-day old pizza.”

“The one on your stove?”

“Yeah.” He must have given his own horrified look because Dev pushed open his
front door with a laugh. “We could order new.”

“If you’re inviting me in, I could pick this place up while you order whatever you want
and go take a shower,” Cash said, closing the front door behind him.

“You like to clean?” Dev asked, once again abruptly stopping a few feet away as if
that were the most exciting news he’d ever heard.

“I guess.”

“Well, hell. We’re a match made in heaven.” Dev pivoted around, coming back to
Cash. He took a whiff of his shirt sleeve as he came. “I showered this mornin’.”

“You smell the way hospitals do…” Cash said and extended a hand to Dev’s chest,
keeping him at a distance. He needed to at least pretend to look for previously planted
surveillance equipment inside the apartment.

“Bossy,” Dev growled, his blue eyes sparkling as he took Cash’s palm and brought
it to his lips. “I’ll shower if you come with me. I want you to use force when you fuck me.
Big guy like you could spank my ass. Put me in my place.” The words were crass and
vivid. Cash’s look caused Dev to bark out a laugh. “You have that line between your
brows. You look fierce right now to be such a pretty boy. When it draws together and
makes that crease…” Dev tucked a lip between his teeth. Something unsaid passed
over his expression. “I was watchin’ that happen as you came.”

“What do you mean watching? You looked pretty into it.”

Dev stepped into him, grinding his hips forward. “You fed me a handful of pills.
Makes me see things in Technicolor.”

“I what?” Cash asked, not letting Dev turn the tables on him.

Dev responded with a loud boom of laughter, wrapping an arm around Cash’s waist,
drawing him flush against his body. Everything Dev did turned Cash on.  

Chaos is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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