Prince and Pawn, Perilous Courts #3 by Tavia Lark

An unexpected night of passion between an illegitimate noble and the prince sparks an attraction neither can let go. Audric is promised to another and his duty is to the kingdom, but Corin may be part of some other hidden scheme and Audric finds he needs to protect Corin above all else. 

From the blurb for Prince and Pawn:

One night of bliss could unravel a kingdom.

Be obedient. Be grateful. As the neglected illegitimate son of a powerful family, Corin is expected to follow his magic-gifted brother to the palace as a servant. He’s unwilling but resigned—and allows himself one night of distraction in a stranger’s arms.

Corin never knew pleasure and pain could be so exhilarating. So comforting. Corin only regrets he’ll never again see the anonymous man who ruined him for anyone else.

Until the next morning, when Corin meets his brother’s new arranged fiancĂ©.

Prince Audric doesn’t want a loveless political betrothal, however open, but he’ll do anything for his kingdom. His last night of freedom is a rare indulgence—and a terrible mistake. Corin is sweet, beautiful, and sees Audric like nobody else does.

He’s also Audric’s fiancĂ©’s younger brother. Audric’s arranged betrothal might be open, but he can’t touch Corin again.

Constant proximity hurts when they can’t be together. But avoidance is impossible when Corin might be the key to unraveling the conspiracy behind Audric’s betrothal—

And when Corin keeps fainting into Audric’s arms.

Prince and Pawn is a high fantasy gay romance with hurt/comfort, forbidden pining, inappropriate use of vines, and more magic tigers. The Perilous Courts series is best read in order, but each book follows a different prince and his Happily Ever After.

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Perilous Courts), best if read in order due to continuing characters and underlying world storyline. Paranormal fantasy. Dual POV. 

If Corin didn’t have to worry about his health, he would have left his father’s household long ago and now he is stuck living with his half-brother in the palace of his one-night stand. 

Audric is only too aware of his responsibilities. A political marriage is fine, but staying away from Corin begins to be too hard. Maybe if Corin hadn’t caught his eye, Audric wouldn’t be so concerned about how Corin is treated and why his health seems to be waning and being friends may not be possible when the attraction is overwhelming. 

After their first meeting, the relationship between Audric and Corin builds slowly and allows them to build a friendship of sorts. 

There is a fair amount of intrigue surrounding the newly discovered scalestone (featured in the last book) which will bring profit, dragons and conflict to the kingdom that ties into Corin’s family and his presence at the palace. 

Some steamy interactions, a little action and suspense, with the overarching continuing political machinations driving the story alongside the romance. 

Another entertaining book for this series read in one sitting where Audric gets his HEA and there is a glimpse into what else may happen with the kingdoms and characters. 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Prince and Pawn is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.