Omega on the Run, Bangers & Mash #5 by MM Farmer

Omega on the Run is another great book in the Bangers And Mash series!

From the blurb:

An omega who is desperate to reclaim his life teams up with an alpha with nothing left to lose…


The only thing worse than being the son of The RV King of Barrington is having my father hire an ESA for my heats because he doesn’t trust any alphas around me. I’m so tired of having my life controlled just because I messed up my college experience by trusting the wrong people.

But I liked Benny from the moment I met him, even though he’s not my usual ESA, and he just might be my ticket out of the mess my life has become…whether he knows it or not.


I haven’t been an ESA for years, but I took this call as a favor for a friend…and because I need the money after inheriting my family’s run-down ski lodge and the problems that come with it. It was supposed to be easy, but when I end up with a runaway omega in heat, it’s all I can do to take care of Mads…as he wins me over to his plans to start a new life.

Mads could be the key to keeping the lodge and turning it around…if I can keep his father from catching up with us and taking him back.

Omega on the Run is a stand-alone in the Bangers & Mash series, and contains a smol omega and a BIG alpha, tricked-out van that is way too compact for that, noises in the attic, the past coming back to haunt them, and a surprising chance to prove that love conquers all!

However, PLEASE NOTE – No omegas are impregnated in the course of this story, although it does happen in this universe, and there is no shifting in this world.

Angel's Review:

I thought this was another great book from MM Farmer, another ESA alpha servicing an Omega in need. 

Mads is trapped in his dad's house like a prisoner. Ever since he had a mishap at college, his dad has kept him on a leash. He's not allowed to go out on his own, go to college again or pick his own alpha. Instead of him being in charge of his own life, his dad is in charge of it for him. His dad hires an Alpha to take him through his heat. Upon meeting Benny he quickly forms a plan to escape his dad's clutches... His plan may just include kidnapping an Alpha. 

Benny is an alpha who was formerly an ESA. He retired after finding out his grandpa left him a ski lodge. A run down ski lodge, it's nothing like it once was. He needs money to fix it up. So when his friend calls offering him a job, he immediately takes it. 

When he meets Mads, he knows he needs to help him, in more ways than just helping him through his heat. He wasn't expecting falling for the man in just a few days, but when you know, you know, right?

I was pleasantly surprised by these characters, I gotta say that this story started off a bit slow, then sped up when Mads heat hit. Then it was mostly steamy scenes for a while. But! The reason I rated this a 4 star is cause I really liked the last half of the story. There was a lot of character building along with the relationship between Mads and Benny started to form. I also enjoyed Mads ideas on how to design and refurbish the ski lodge. And when Mads dad fell in the snow? I gotta say, I might've giggled a bit. It was karma coming after that man for him questioning fate. I really enjoyed the part detailing how Mads designed the van. That was really cool. 

This was really well written and I recommend this to anyone who likes a feisty creative Omega and a caring Alpha.

Rating: 4 Stars

Omega on the Run is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.