Omega Island: Senta's Heat by Wendy Rathbone

I'm so glad we finally got Senta's story!! Omega Island: Senta's Heat is part of the Omega Island series.

From the blurb:

Can an older omega and an abused younger alpha help each other learn to trust again?

Senta, the omega billionaire owner of Omega Island, has not felt the fire of a heat in two long years. Still in his thirties, he had gone through “the change” early in life. But one night, painful pre-heat symptoms overwhelm him. He vows that when his heat finally arrives, he will endure it alone.

That is, until he meets Raimi, an alpha guest he has allowed to stay on the rehab/resort.

Raimi just got out of a two-year abusive alpha/alpha relationship with a man who dominated him and denied him knotting and orgasms. He doesn’t even know if he can perform as a true alpha anymore.

The two are immediately attracted to each other, but barely have time to develop trust and rapport before Senta goes into full heat.

This is a story of healing and love, proving that even the loneliest of hearts can find warmth, comfort and ecstasy in each other’s arms.

MM romance, tropical setting, billionaire, older omega/younger alpha, healing, heat, knotting, and a wedding! Definite HEA! (There is no mpreg in this book due to infertility.)

Angel's Review:

I was one of the many readers who really wanted Senta to get his own story, and now he finally has one! Senta's character intrigued me from the very first book. I wanted to know what his story would be and if he would get his happily ever after. (Spoiler) He did! 

If you've read the earlier books in this series, then you would know that Senta is an Omega who owns and runs the Omega Island. It's a place Omega's (and sometimes alpha's) go to try to heal and recover. The island is a healing place, and that's exactly why Senta let Raimi come to stay on the island. 

Raimi just got out of an abusive Alpha-Alpha relationship. After years of abuse and control, he doesn't know which way is up. Once he arrives on the island, he slowly starts relaxing, and trusting himself and his instincts more. He eventually starts healing and what, or rather, whom helps him the most is Senta. As soon as they meet, these two men are enraptured by each other. These two circle each other, both worried they are pressuring each other into a situation they don't want to be in. Senta's worried he's imposing cause Raimi was on the island to heal and recover. And Raimi is worried about Senta not fully consenting due to his heat.

These two men complement each other so well, and I really enjoyed reading about how these two both helped the other heal in different ways. It's definitely a faster paced book than others I've read, and while this book features heats, ruts, and alphas and omegas, there is no mpreg. But! There is a marriage and a happily ever after. 

Overall, it was worth the wait for Senta's story. 

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Omega Island: Senta's Island is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.