Mark Them softly: Forsaken few: The Omegas of Club Despair by Lilo Quie

"The plot twists and turns. I was surprised how it ended." Laora on Mark Them Softly.

From the blurb:

Mark has loved Yriel since the moment they met. Not a single heat has passed without sharing a bed with him, but mates they’ll never be. Yriel fears harm coming to Mark, and the judgment passed on omegas like him, omegas who refuse to submit for their alphas.

It’s been forty years since Heofan of Grey and their child left this world, and Shaw hasn’t found himself a mate, nor is he looking for one. He’s tired of looking for the one, but maybe there isn’t a male meant for him. Maybe there are two? The fates have blessed his living son’s home and brought peace to Aurelius and the grims. When a whisper catches Shaw’s ear, he can’t ignore the fates or his wolf. His mate is close.

Yriel Nicodemus has lived a long life jealously guarding secrets that would undo the very nature of vampiric society if revealed. All the peace he’s worked to achieve, the lives he’s saved, all would be undone if anyone were to find out. When the worst comes to pass, everyone will know what Yriel did, but with his mates and family at his back, the future looks clear.

Laora's Review:

Mark Them Softly is the fourth in the 'Forsaken Few: The Omegas of Club Despair' series. In this one, Yriel/Rue, Mark and Shaw are the central triad in the book. It is wonderful to read how from being a bit reluctant to let Shaw in the triad is a wonderful fit and is healing in more than one way for all three.

Their parts are mainly very 'spicy' but also tender and caring.I also loved to check in with all the known characters and getting to know new ones.

Beside the romance, there is a strong plotline which develops further to 'places' I was not expecting, omega's getting more recognition, and on that note I am curious where Lilo will take us next. Do we get more answers as Mallory and others unravel 'puzzles' more? If you like a romance with MPreg, shifters, vampires, mixes, grims and more, this one is for you.

Rating: 5 Stars

Mark Them Softly is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.