If Only He Knew by Kelsey Hodge

Wow, If Only He Knew was a bit of a rollercoaster, but I absolutely adored it! Addy and Beau are such a great couple. 

From the blurb:

I have been in love with Beau since I was sixteen. The trouble is Beau is my best friend and straight.
Finally, I've decided to move on. I can no longer pine for someone who is never going to love me back. But why is he suddenly acting so strange. Then something happens one night that changes everything.

Do I have the strength to tell him how I feel and risk losing his friendship forever.

Addy is my best friend. I've been in love with him for as long as I can remember, but Addy thinks I'm straight. For years I've living a lie, to scared to tell him the truth. Too frightened that once I've told him, I will lose him forever. Yet now I find myself at a crossroads.

Do I stay and fight, tell him the truth, or finally let him go?

Reds Book Reads Review:

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good friends to lovers story and so going into If Only He Knew I thought I knew what to expect, but this story has so much more depth and angst to it than I was expecting and I absolutely adored it! 

I loved how Beau and Addy were so willing to drop everything when the other needed them and how they were so integral to each other's lives that they each didn’t know how to cope without the other. I also adored the ladies of the gossip tree, and they had me giggling away at times. 

An outstanding book and while it is the first I think I have read from this author, it definitely won’t be the last!

Rating: 5 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

This story is heartbreaking. Beau and Addy have been bff’s through school and bad situations, always supporting each other. Their friendship is special and both are afraid of losing it. 

There is a strong presence of the secondary characters in this story that fill in all the spaces intervention is needed. There is a more than strong presence of both families of these guys. Addy’s mom and brother have done so many hurtful things, and yet he keeps trying to have a relationship with them. Beau has a great family who not only supports him but also sort of adopts Addy. 

As time and life go on with these two, both have issues that force them to examine their relationship. Beau all this time has led people to believe he is straight. Addy gay is out and proud of who he is. Both are afraid to admit to their love of the other for fear of losing what they have and then there is the little issue of what Beau really is. When Addy becomes interested in someone else, both have to make up their mind what they want for their future. 

Addy’s treatment by his mom and brother tore at my heart. It is unbelievable a mother could feel this way. The small town’s support of both Addy and Beau made me feel hope there are people who have a heart toward each other.  

I loved the characters in this story. I enjoyed the friendship between the two guys and the everyday happenings that made this story so believable.

Rating: 5 Stars

If Only He Knew is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.