Hot Head (Drake Security #1) by Mika Nix

Hot Head is a new take on fated mates by Mia Monroe and K.M. Neuhold!

From the blurb:

Protecting him is my job. Finding out he’s my fated mate wasn’t part of the assignment.

Lake Forrester III entered my life like a wrecking ball. Drake Security, my firm with my brothers, was hired to protect him from a stalker ex, but what Lake doesn’t know is that he’s not dealing with your average unhinged human. The unhinged wolf shifter he unknowingly dated will stop at nothing to get Lake in his clutches.

Just another day in the life of a dragon body guard.

The one thing I never expected was for Lake to be my fated mate. To say my protective instincts are on overdrive is an understatement. I’ll move mountains to keep him safe and delight in tearing the wolf apart with my bare hands if he gets too close to my mate. If it unleashes all out war with the wolf packs, so be it. I never claimed to be the level headed one.

In the meantime, my only focus is Lake and his safety. If anyone hurts him, it’ll be the last thing they do. My dragon will make sure of it.

Hot Head is book one in the exciting new series, Drake Security. It features a dragon bodyguard with anger issues, a fabulous human with more money than friends, an ex on the loose, and fated mate goodness. Dive into Hot Head and feel the burn.

**Drake Security features dragon shifters with NO MPREG**

Angel's Review:

I've read books by these two authors separately and now I get to read these two authors in a new dynamic duo! 

Lake is not only rich, but he lives a certain way. Parties, nightclubs, galas, charity events, and he keeps up a certain image. When his ex becomes a stalker, his life takes a major turn. His dad hires a bodyguard for him. Lake doesn't like the idea at first, but once he gets to know Nico and see how much of a threat Brody really is, he's glad that he has Nico. He never expected to fall in love with his bodyguard. But he's so happy he did.

Nico and his brothers own a company together that provides protection and security for people who need it, and Lake happens to be one of those people. What started off as yet another protection detail turns into something more. Lake's ex is a wolf shifter and Nico is a dragon. He also just discovered that Lake is his fated mate. Something he and his brothers thought was just a fairy tale. 

These two go through a lot together! From hiding from a stalker ex, to a stabbing, abduction, and Lake finding out Nico is a dragon. 

I really enjoyed this story, the writing is so good! There's so much attention to detail, along with action and adventure. You couldn't predict what exactly would happen next, it's completely unique. While Lake and Nico are fated mates, there is no mpreg in this book, just to let other readers know! I really appreciated the detail revolving around Nico's hoard and his treasures. The descriptions were great and I could envision all of the jewels and blankets he had in his room, along with the details of Nico's dragon. You get a walkthrough of sorts and I enjoyed it. 

Romance, action, sassiness, and dragons. What more could you want? 

The only reason I didn't give this a 5 star was because once Nico and Lake got together, there were more spicy scenes than them getting to know each other. 

Overall really good! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Denise's Review:

We have a start to a wonderful new series. This one is about Dragon shifters but there is no male pregnancy in this series. 

We have a bodyguard that was sought after to protect a very wealthy individual. And of course he thought he was going to be snappy and rude. That is the furthest thing from the truth. He is his mate. 

These are well established authors. That are writing under a new pen name together. The writing style is Right On Target from what you'll be used to. It's very well written. It's a dual point of view so you get each character's story. Which is perfect to tell the story. 

This is a medium heat story and the storyline as well written and very intriguing and keeps you interested.

Rating: 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

Mika Nix is the pen name for the authors Mia Monroe and KM Neuhold, both of which I really like, so I was looking forward to this. It didn't disappoint. Fated mate stories can be a bit hit or miss for me sometimes, but this was a hit.

I liked both Lake and Nico right away. Lake was interesting - he's a trust fund baby, social media darling and had the potential to be a real spoiled brat. He was far from that. I loved how femme he was. It wasn't overt; it was just Lake and how he was and it was refreshing to see. He was no person in distress that needed saved; he was perfectly capable of saving himself, thank you very much, but also realized when he was out of his depth and did require that extra help. That was also refreshing and honest and not something you see a lot - a strong character who admits they need help. I loved that.

Nico too, I really liked. I enjoyed Neuhold and Monroe's take on dragon shifters. I loved the idea of the horde room and not knowing why he was hoarding things until it all became apparent and was actually the sweetest thing ever. Nico was gruff and stand offish at the start, but that was all due to his strong protective instincts. He was so well written too - being overprotective was in his nature, but he also realized when he was being overbearing and was willing to let Lake take control. 

These two balanced each other so perfectly and it was so good to see. I hate books where there's an imbalance of power, so this was great to see.

I loved the whole story. It moved along at a great pace without being too fast. Things moving quickly in a fated mate story generally happens, but this never felt rushed. I loved this whole thing and now I've met Nico's brothers, I can't wait for their stories, too.

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

First in series (Drake Security). Paranormal. Dual POV. 

Lake is being stalked by an ex and he agrees to let his father hire a bodyguard, hoping it won’t cramp his fabulous social schedule and party lifestyle. When Nico meets Lake, he realizes there are problems - first, Lake’s stalker is a wolf shifter and second, Nico is pretty sure Lake is his fated mate (at least his inner dragon is sure). 

There is a little grumpy/sunshine, a little over protective mate, a little age gap (Lake has to bring Nico up to speed on pop culture like Legally Blonde and Britney Spears) and a lot of steam. 

Although Nico and Lake are mates as they spend time together, their feelings grow beyond insta lust and all their interactions are fun and entertaining. I really appreciated that Lake readily accepted the paranormal world, and that there was no hesitation on his part accepting he was the fated mate of a dragon. 

A dragon hoard can’t include your mate, but it can include a cuddle pile that will keep your mate happy. A solid introduction to a new series and world. I am really looking forward to the rest of the Drake brother’s stories.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

When I heard Mia Monroe and K.M. Neuhold were teaming up to write a paranormal series about dragons, I may have squealed in excitement. I mean, I love dragons and I love both these authors' works, so putting the two together was like a double whammy of WOOP! Their solo works tend to be sweet, but also bring the heat and that is exactly what we get in Hot Head.

I loved the grumpy sunshine pairing of Nico and Lake. Nico was all scowly and growly, and here comes Lake unapologetically fabulous. I bet Nico never thought when he took the security job to protect a rich mans "spoiled" son that it would lead him to the man fated to be his. Seeing Lake bring Nico out of his comfort zone were some of my favorite parts of this story; That and the steam, of course😉.

Nico's dragon brothers, who are all a part of Drake Security, were also a highlight. They all have such different personalities. I enjoyed the brotherly banter and jabs at one another. I also loved how they all welcomed Lake into the family as Nico's mate instead of it being some big angsty issue. They supported their brother even though they were nervous about having a human around who knew their secrets. That's real family for you and I'm looking forward to Hemingway's story next.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

A few select authors can convince me to pick up a PNR dragon shifter book and the combination of Mia Monroe and KM Neuhold is one of them... I'm glad they didn't add MPreg into this world but the spicy men and Nico's dragon sides are certainly well titled with Hot Head...

I enjoyed the slow build of the beginning - with Lake teasing Nico and watching him try to resist a fated mate... then the steam and connection once they let loose...

It was a fun, high steam, low angst read with interesting world building and I look forward to Hemingway's story!

Rating: 5 Stars

Zakiyya's Review:

I have a huge thing for Dragon shifters, so Nico was perfect for me. He turned out to be exactly what I was looking for – strong, caring, protective and so much more... ❤️💖

Lake, however, completely took my breath away. I loved everything about him.
From his super-stylish, runway-worthy outfits to his sassy nature - he was an utter and total firecracker…💘💓

Thoroughly entertaining fantasy with a smartly conceived and well-executed plot.

Further proof of sharp and witty writing is the different personalities that came through for all of Nico’s brothers.

I am so, so excited for their stories – Hemingway’s is next and I’m gonna be right here for it…💙💙

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Hot Head is the first story in the Drake Security series. Lake is a bit of a tramp. He’s out to have a good time but that comes with a cost when he is stalked. His father hires Nico from Drake Security, he and his brothers business. 

This was fun steamy story to read. Can’t wait to read the brothers stories! Overall, a great read. Well written with good pacing.

Rating: 5 Stars

Hot Head is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.