Gentlemen's Agreement by Ellie Thomas

Regency MM romance following the lives of a group of men in Regency London. Gentlemen's Agreement is the continuation of a series. 

From the blurb:

The group of Regency men who meet each Thursday at The Golden Lion in London’s St James’ find
their lives become increasingly intertwined during the early autumn of 1815. Now the long wars with France are finally over, Jo Everett and Captain Ben Harding are heavily involved with their charity to assist injured ex-servicemen, as well as encountering personal complications.

Ben’s romantic interest Edward Stephens remains a hundred miles away in Wiltshire, and although Jo and his true love Daniel Walters are in the same city, they are no closer to fulfilling their dream of sharing a home. Reformed brat Percy Havilland has a deluge of relatives and increasingly convoluted family problems to deal with in his new Chelsea abode, distracting him from his older partner Nathan Brooks.

As the gentlemen juggle their feelings and duties, Ben’s former commanding officer involves them in capturing a spy ring that has inveigled the most exclusive ranks of high society. Their remit is to help foil Napoleon's restoration as Emperor of France before he reaches the remote island of St. Helena and permanent exile.

Can this motley group of Regency men attain their happy ever after with their chosen partners? And as the nefarious treachery plays out in the select ballrooms of Mayfair, might Percy save the day by flirting for England?

Sheena's Review:

I have loved this entire series. It hit all the right notes for me. I love anything regency, and this cast of characters and stories has just been a complete delight to read. This brings together the whole cast we've met in the previous novellas under one umbrella - and roof on some occasions, too. I like them all and I know we're not supposed to pick a favorite.

But it's Percy, of course. He's such an utter joy of a character, from the foppish regency himbo we first met in 12 Letters, to the devoted and clever family man he is now, his journey has been wonderful to witness. I adore his relationship with Nathan. They suit each other so brilliantly well and I'm so happy everything turned out well with his family situation and that Armand and he are so close.

I love the others too, and the added sub-plot of the covert surveillance to foil the plot to free Napoleon so well woven into the story. Everything came together so well. It was so good to see all the couples again and see them get their happy ending. I was so concerned for Daniel and Jo, and didn't see how that could ever turn out for them, but was happy to see it did.

I truly hope Ellie revisits this group at some point, but if she doesn't and this is indeed their swan song, then it's a fitting, and satisfying conclusion to their tales. (Although I wouldn't be averse to more Percy shenanigans. Just saying 😉).

Rating: 5 Stars

Gentlemen's Agreement is available to buy as an ebook.