Face Off, Alpha Omega Hockey #2 by Marina Vivancos

Another slapshot and goal from Marina Vivancos in Face Off, the second entry in the Alpha Omega Hockey series. A second chance for two heartbroken hockey players that never got over their first love.

From the blurb:

Orion’s life turns upside down when someone outs him as the first Omega in the NHL…that anybody knows of. Now, he has to wrestle with the decisions he made throughout his life to keep that secret hidden—including the man he left a decade earlier.

Problem is, that man is Gabriel McKenna, Captain of the Queen's Hounds. Seeing as Orion captains the Brooklyn Cats, their relationship is more one of hate than love at the moment.
Or so he wants to tell himself.

Orion has enough difficulties dealing with idiots on the ice thinking they can put him on his knees just because they know he’s an Omega. He doesn’t need to suddenly reconnect with his old flame. Doesn’t need to deal with the feelings he thought he’d buried long ago.

Orion is trying to escape the memories of the best year of his life, but the past is catching up with him. After the way Orion left, after all the fights on the ice, he doesn’t know if he deserves a second chance…
But he might want one anyway.

This book is a steamy rivals-to-lovers story with a complicated past. It is the second book in the Alpha Omega Hockey series but can be read as a standalone.

SNik's Review:

Face Off is the second in the series (Alpha Omega Hockey), might be more fun if read in order but can be read as a standalone. Alpha/omega. Second chance. Single POV. 

Hockey is everything to Orion, he even broke his own heart years ago by ending a budding relationship with fellow hockey player Gabriel “Gabby” McKenna. Now that Orion is dealing with being outed as the first known omega in the league he is fortunate to have the support of his team, but he wonders if his life could have been different and instead of being rivals he and Gabby would still be together. 

Only having Orion’s POV, Vivancos conveys all the heartbreak from Orion and still manages to give significance to the glimpses of yearning from Gabby. 

This story has couples that are made up of  Alpha’s that are enamored, affectionate, caring, and possessive of their omegas, and omegas that are strong, dedicated to their love of a sport even to the point of sacrificing their health and happiness, and fiercely capable while being able to accept the tenderness of their chosen Alpha. 

The best parts are whenever Gabby and Orion are together, and all the feelings of rightness that they should be together again with writing that had me tearing up over and over again. 

I am here for more in this series and truly anything Vivancos would like to put in front of this avid reader.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Face Off is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.