Winning the Season (Miami Piranhas book 4)

Can the coach with a Grinch streak grow his heart this holiday season?   After a health scare reunites Asa with the one who got a way, will they be Winning the Season?

From the blurb:

Coach Asa Dawson has fallen wildly in love only twice in his life.

First with football.

Then with Scott Callaway.

But Scott isn’t just the one who got away.

He’s the one person—the one man—Asa hoped might finally show him how all-consuming passion could be.

Instead, fate (and football) intervened and they never got the chance to explore their attraction. Their friendship ended in ruins, Scott left, and Asa’s been torn between hating him and loving him for the last seven years.

Asa doesn’t think he’ll ever see him again, but when his bad habits catch up to him and he doesn’t have a choice but to accept help, he’s horrified—and exhilarated—to learn Scott’s been hired to assist him.

With the final stretch of the Piranhas season falling during the holidays, maybe what Asa and Scott have needed this whole time was a little Christmas magic to remind them the most important job isn’t to win the season—but to finally win each other’s hearts.

Heather's Review:

Winning the Season is part of the Miami Piranhas universe and is best read as part of the series, but if you just want to read about a grumpy man finding his holiday spirit while trying to stop micromanaging his NFL football team, you'll probably still enjoy it!

The plot of Winning the Season has been teased since the first book, with easter eggs and little teases hidden in the stories and it culminates when Scott finally re-enters Coach's life and has to admit: 
“I told you there was no room in football for queer relationships. And you came here and proved me wrong. One couple at a time.”

This story is a great second chance romance that happens to have a holiday twist - it's equal parts angsty, steamy and sweet with some snark and holiday cheer thrown in for good measure... if you've read the rest of the series, this is probably already on your TBR, but if not, I recommend starting with book 1, Playing for Keeps - they're all amazing :)

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

We finally get Coach's long awaited story!!

I, among other readers, have been (not so patiently) waiting for Coach's story. We all needed him to get his own story, there was so much to him that we just needed to know. We needed to know him better, and we got that in this book.

Coach, (aka Asa) fell in love with his best friend 7 years ago, if he's honest he might be been falling a bit before then. When he finally worked up the nerve to tell Scott how he felt Scott rejected him, pushed him away and chose leaving over staying with Asa. That moment crushed Asa and it ruined their friendship. Seven years not talking to someone is a long time, all of the anger, pain, grief, and regret comes rushing back as soon as Asa sees Scott again. And why is Scott there? Beau of course!

I for one love all of these characters, they really work well together and each hold their own stories and personalities. That team really is a family at the heart of it all and I love reading about that found family trope. That's definitely an underlying element here. I also adored how Beth wrote Asa as a Grinch, and how everyone tried to get him in the festive spirit. That was great and so fun to read about, however, no matter how much I love the holidays I don't know if I'd want to be covered in glitter. 

Beth knows how to write characters you can't help but cheer for and want to know better. I personally am not a fan of football but I genuinely love these books, they are just so good! And while football is a big part of this series so are the characters, and that's what I love. How I can still enjoy a football series without me being a fan of football. I'm so glad we finally got to see Coach get his well deserved happy ever after, he needed Scott in his life and I'm happy that he got him. 

(The scene where Beau discovers these two in the kitchen with Scott only wearing an apron made me want to hide. It was so funny!) I really enjoy it when an author can not only have an excellent plot and amazing writing but who can also add humor when it's fitting. 

Overall a really great slow burn romance between two friends who deserve love. As much as I don't want this series to end I'm looking forward to Kenyon's story, he's such a question mark right now. I'm very curious. 

*I received an early copy of this book and this is my honest review.* "
Rating: 5 Stars

Winning the Season is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription