The Rogue (Texas Safehouse Book 3) by Silvia Violet

The Texas Safehouse series returns with The Rogue.

From the blurb:

Rogue can charm the pants off anyone, but can he catch a man who might as well be a ghost?

Eight seconds on a bull was never as scary as falling for a man who might disappear any second. I might have left the rodeo to work my brother’s ranch, but I never lost my taste for danger… and I’ve never met anyone more dangerous than Special Agent Ghost.

My overprotective brothers warned me away from him, but I’ve never been one to take good advice. When Ghost and I came together, it was explosive… and also healing.

We both have secrets, and neither of us ever thought we’d find comfort like we have in each other’s arms, but he doesn’t know how to stick around, and I’ve never learned how to let someone love me.

Unsure how long the fire between us will burn, we keep our relationship hidden until the day when an enemy’s bullet shatters the hidden world we’ve created. Now we’ll both have to make a choice: to keep hiding our true selves or put our cards on the table and fight for the future we want… together.

Janet's Review:

The Rogue is the third book in the Texas Safehouse series. This is Riley/Rogue and Ghost’s story. 

Riley is a twin with Rhys. Rhys can read Rogue’s mind to the point he knows when his brother is going to do something stupid. Rogue’s brothers treat him like a child at times. They don’t act like he’s a grown man and that kind of makes him reckless. He’s a champion bull rider and has made mistakes that come back to bite him. 

Ghost is FBI and was once one of Grant and Rhys’s teammates in the military. He makes an appearance in The Reaper and has immediate and instant connection and chemistry with Rogue. Ghost is tired of taking orders. He helps Rogue clean up some of his past but still has one more item that he needs to take care of. 

These two were fire together! I love this whole series, sooo freakin good. Overall, a fantastic read!! Well written with pacing that is addicting and kept me flipping the pages!  

Rating: 5 Stars

The Rogue is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.