#TeaserTuesday: Chained Hearts (Sentries #3) by Elizabeth Noble

Today's #TeaserTuesday is book three of Elizabeth Noble's Sentries series, Chained Hearts. This book releases next week on December 28 and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. 

From the Blurb:

Todd and Nick Ruger are on the run after narrowly escaping the war in New Colorado, where they were implicated in the assassination of Chancellor Shaffer. Todd is gravely ill and Nick has serious injuries, but that's the least of their problems. They're alone with dwindling supplies and facing the harsh winter bearing down on them far north in Yellowknife Protectorate.

Just when it seems they're trapped between the proverbial rock and hard place, they are offered refuge with a doctor in the isolated town of Elk's Ridge. As they heal, they're offered a fresh start in Elk's Ridge. But just as they begin to rebuild their lives, tragedy strikes.

Victor Raleigh, the new Vice-Chancellor of New Colorado, knows all about Nick's psychic abilities, and he'll settle for nothing less than total control over Nick. He's aligned himself with a vicious creature, a type of psychic vampire capable of wielding control over individuals such as Nick. When Nick is betrayed and captured, Todd sees no alternative but to head back into the war zone to rescue him.

Will Nick be the same man Todd loves after Raleigh's pet psychic vampire is through with him? Can Nick accept the fact Todd can love him after what Raleigh forces him to do, or will his guilt consume and destroy him?


He heard Todd get up and walk around the small barn. “I think Witze can get him somewhere safe. Let him use his talent to keep people alive.”

Shoulders and back muscles tensing to the point of almost being painful, Nick wondered if he could just slip into the house and be ignored. When he felt the warmth from Todd’s
body against his back, Nick knew he’d have no such luck.


Todd rested his hands, strong and sure, on Nick’s shoulders, massaging gently. Nick wanted to shrug those warm hands away but couldn’t find the strength. Todd was so ready to
forgive him, but Nick wasn’t sure he deserved it. Still, he didn’t want the contact broken, not really.

“Put the brushes away. The horse is clean.” Todd’s voice was soft but firm. His order came through loud and clear. Nick had no choice but to obey; he’d never think to
disobey Todd.

“Yes, sir.”

“Hey, none of that.” Todd rubbed Nick’s arms a few times then let him go and stepped out to the aisle. Nick felt Todd’s gaze on his back as he patted the horse, cleaned the brushes,
and left the stall, pulling the door closed, and latching it before he put the brushes away.

A shiver of delight ran up and down Nick’s spine when Todd’s hands were on his shoulders again. Leaning in close, Todd pressed a soft kiss to Nick’s cheek and slipped an arm
across his shoulders, tugging him in closer. Todd didn’t comment or even seem to notice how Nick tensed against him, though Nick knew Todd had to feel it. Nick battled with himself; he wanted to run away, no longer a man who anyone could love. Another part of him wanted to turn and press close to Todd, be cherished and wanted.

Chained Hearts will release on December 28 and is available for pre-order. This book is part of a series and should be read in order.