Stud Muffin by Alex Silver (Summer of Adventure Book 6)

Bringing the Summer of Adventure to a close, we get a glimpse into the lives of Clark and Nicholas, the married polyam couple who've featured in several books AND we get to meet Nicholas' childhood bestie who's changed a lot in the ten years they've been estranged... all in Stud Muffin.

From the blurb:

When a ghost from my past walks back into my life, I jump at the chance to reconnect. My husband, Clark, and I are polyam, but for us that has never meant finding a third to join our happily ever after.

We weren't looking for a triad. It wasn't what either of us wanted. Until Ethan. My estranged childhood best friend walked out of my life ten years ago when his family rejected him for being trans. Having him back, it feels like he never left.

Now, I want everything with the man I promised forever and the first boy I ever loved. Too bad the timing isn't ideal. Clark and I are both struggling with work stress and it's taking a toll on my mental health.

Ethan might be everything neither of us knew we were looking for, but how can I convince Clark of that when I'm spiraling and all he sees is how badly losing Ethan the first time hurt my trust?

Stud Muffin is an M/M/M puppy play, former best friends to lovers, polyamorous romance with an established couple welcoming a third. It includes a beloved pet parrot, daddy kink, puppy play, CNC, ethical non-monogamy, light breath play, restraints, gamer geeks, and themes of loss and familial rejection due to transphobia. Nick struggles with his longstanding bipolar disorder, including an on page manic episode.

Heather's Review:

Stud Muffin was the perfect end to the Summer of Adventure, and while it can be read standalone, it does have a lot of cross-over with Book 5, Puppy Love and inhabits the same timeline as the other books.  Established polyam couple Nicholas and Clark have an open relationship and Nicholas loves to explore his kinky side and his steamy urges with friends and boyfriends...   Ethan, Nick's childhood bestie, comes back into his life when he needs a friend or something more... and Clark is wondering for the first time if Ethan is a part of his future too...

This book is a fairly low angst, high steam book that features a variety of kinks including bondage, breath play, puppy play, daddy kink, ethical non-monogamy and other dynamics... there are M/M/M scenes and more!  Beyond the kink, this is a sweet romance about being what our partners need and having compersion and strength to build the relationships that work for you...

Rating; 5 Stars

Stud Muffin is available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription