Perfect Match by Pandora Pine (Amore Matchmaking book 4)

Having loved this series from the first book, it's both wonderful and sad that  we're saying goodbye to the Lombardi brothers after Brando meets his match in Perfect Match... 

From the blurb:

Brando Lombardi has successfully matched all three of his brothers with their soulmates, gifting them each with a lifetime of love and happiness. The problem is, Brando himself is always the bridesmaid and never the bride… er, groom. But then he meets a broken-hearted man in uniform who takes his breath away and changes everything.

Still recovering from the death of his partner, retired marine Jagger Clifton moved to Maine in search of a desperately needed change of scene. He didn’t count on the Lombardi family hitting him like a ton of bricks with their warmth, sincerity, and pasta. For the first time since Seth’s death, Jagger doesn’t entirely dread a long, lonely winter.

Talked into joining Amore Matchmaking, Jagger dives in, ready to get his life back on track—until his very first match stands him up. Filling in for the missing date is none other than Brando Lombardi. Brando is cocky and self-assured, but also determined to gift Jagger with the ultimate Amore experience, even if he has to do it all himself.

As the holidays approach, Jagger and Brando’s feelings grow with every Amore date. More than just another victim of “Brando being Brando,” Jagger is helpless but to revive a part of his soul he’d thought gone forever. But will a Christmas blizzard bring them the joy of the season or bury their budding romance in a mountain of ice?

Perfect Match is book four in the completed Amore Matchmaking series. It features four gay brothers, their eccentric mother, an ornery goat, and way too much pasta.

Heather's Review:

I'm going to miss this family, but after successfully matching his brothers with their forever partners, I'm glad Brandon is getting his turn to find love...

Perfect Match is a slow burn, hurt/comfort romance that turns the tables on the matchmaker, finding him the right guy and teaching him the patience to be ready for a lifetime of love.  Jagger lost his parter several years ago in a military incident and is still healing from that trauma... Brando is ready for love, despite what his brothers think...

And Athena, the matriarch of the Lombardi family is FABULOUS once again!  We get to see the whole family, watch Brando fall in love and see what happens in a wonderful epilogue that brings everything together beautifully!

With a hint of Christmas, some spicy chili and lots of love and found family, you will want to read the whole series in order to really enjoy Perfect Match!  Here's our review of book 1, Shouting Match to get started!

Rating: 5 Stars

Perfect Match is available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.