Needing the Kraken by Aramis Jordan

Malik's story was the perfect ending to this off the charts steamy series!  Aramis lovingly describes them as porn with plot, and I have to heartily concur but loved that there was so much more to the buildup between our MCs in Needing the Kraken.

From the blurb:

A man on the run.
A dangerous sea witch offering shelter.

Nobody can know who Sebastian really is. Driven from his home and chased by the king’s henchmen, Sebastian runs into Malik, a sea witch and kraken shifter. At first he’s repulsed by Malik’s eight long appendages, but with nowhere to go, Sebastian has no choice but to fling himself into Malik’s many arms.

Malik is the mightiest witch in the New World. His magic grants him dark powers, but the one thing he can’t have is love—because Malik guards a deep secret. When Sebastian comes to him for protection, he grants it. As they grow closer, the pressure on Malik to reveal his best-kept secret mounts. But what if the truth sends Sebastian running into the arms of his enemies?

Needing the Kraken is a 72,000 word MM romance. It features an intense love story, plenty of steam, secret identities, close proximity and a non-binary main character. This gay, paranormal romance is a standalone and the final book in the Cursed Mermen series. HEA guaranteed!

Nicole's Review:

Sebastian is on the run, and has vehemently let his aversion to tentacles be known. Malik is our sea witch responsible for the Merman potion, but is also a Kraken shifter.  There is instant chemistry between the two, but Sebastian is unwilling to follow through due to Malik's nature.  

When Sebastian has nowhere else to turn, Malik is willing to put himself in danger to help.  Their bond strengthens and the tentative friendship grows into a beautiful love story.  We see both men grow, and have the courage to share secrets and break down insecurities.  This was a sweet ending to a fantastic series, and has left the option for another smoking spinoff!

Rating: 5 Stars