Cover Reveal & Excerpt: Hollywood Slide by Cyd Sidney

So excited to be able to share the cover for Hollywood Slide by Cyd Sidney, which releases on January 14th!  We'll be celebrating in the MM & MMM+ Romance Reviewed Facebook group with an author takeover that day, but until then, check out this beautiful cover and an exclusive excerpt:

From the blurb:

How am I supposed to focus on acting when my coach is my crush?
Starring in my first movie is a big deal, but I'm more concerned about having Keaton as my acting coach. It's been eight years since we spent the night together and he's never breathed a word about it. Is he embarrassed? Did he forget? This time I'm not going to leave things to chance. I'm going to make sure Keaton knows I want him!

I don't care how hot Lev is, I've got to focus on being the best coach I can be. That means keeping things professional, even when we're kissing for the camera. I'm not even thinking about my own shattered dreams of acting stardom. Lev's success is the best thing I can hope for now. And maybe, we can squeeze in one more round of (practice) making out!


     Before he started with a new client, Keat watched their auditions and as much footage of theirs as he could find. He wanted to get a sense of how they moved and reacted to the camera. Even though he had just endured 11 straight hours of Lev he still felt like he owed it to him to prepare properly.

            He would not think about how Lev looked naked and erect when he woke up. He would not recall the little snores he made when he slept. He would set aside the memory of Lev’s warm scent and the soft brush of his hair against his cheek. Instead, he would watch Lev’s initial audition and see what he had to work with.

            Like many auditions, Lev’s had taken place in a sparse, badly lit office with a camera set up in the corner of the room. Luckily the casting agent had started to tape early. For Keat, the casual interactions that happened beforehand were nearly as important as the audition itself. Keat knew now that this is where he had usually failed back in his own acting days. He hated small talk, asked too many questions, and was super awkward with introductions.

            Lev was the opposite. He shook everyone’s hands and made small talk. He smiled, flirted gently, and moved through the room with supernatural grace. So beautiful I want to cry. The casting agent, a tough-as-nails veteran who Keat recognized from his auditioning days, kept grinning and giggling as they chatted. Lev was magic in the room.

            When it was time to do the actual audition, Lev settled into place behind the camera and said his lines. They came out flat and lifeless, as if all of Lev’s charisma and charm had leaked out the moment he opened his mouth. This was certainly why Casey had hired Keat, to translate Lev’s natural appeal into an effective spoken performance.

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