A Devilish Saturnalia (Hellbound Gods #1) by Alexa Piper

A Devilish Saturnalia is very much the second part to The Devil's Saturnalia.

From the blurb:

Lionel and Lucifer are spending the holidays in Scotland. They are set to enjoy a quiet Midwinter, and
Lionel is looking forward to spending this time with his found family, although having a family is still new for him.

Lucifer’s goals for this holiday season are simple: convince his necromancer to willingly stay in bed with Lucifer, but of course, that is just a fantasy. Lucifer knows it’s not what his necromancer needs, and the cruel side of love is that even the Devil has to put his lover first.

Snowed in, will these two and those who love them find something to do to pass the longest night of the year? In this sweet and cozy read, you will find out.

This book is not a standalone. The events in A Devilish Saturnalia take place right after The Devil's Saturnalia.

Warning: This m/m romance contains sexual content only suitable for mature audiences. 

Jacquie's Review:

A Devilish Saturnalia is a fluff filled sweet holiday story with Lucifer and his favorite demigod necromancer, Nelly. This is a continuation of their time in Scotland with Hades and Persephone and should be read as part of the series. 

A lot of heat, a lot of cute moments, and a murder mystery night. Lucy and Nelly are showing their sweeter sides during this one. There isn't a lot of plot connected to the main series, but I loved every minute of it for that reason alone. I was looking for something connected to the holidays that didn't tax my poor brain too much and this just delivered. By this stage in the series, I know the characters well and just adore them together. Every character got a moment to shine. 

There's a lot of found family elements in it. It's so sweet for Nelly since he grew up an orphan, to finally have a family of his own, especially with his birth parents being as they are.

Perfect if you just want a sweet and steamy read.

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

The Devilish Saturnalia is the first in the Hellbound Gods and a devilishly fantastically sweet follow up to The Devil’s Saturnalia. I always love Lucifer and Lionel and this one is no different, loved it!! Sweet, fluffy and smexy, perfect combination! Well written with fantastic pacing! 

Rating: 5 Stars

A Devilish Saturnalia is available to buy as an ebook and paperback.