Wish Me Home by Joelle Lynne

Janet says, "Wish Me Home is like a Hallmark movie wrapped up in a blanket. I seriously adored Cody and Emmett.".

From the blurb:

All Emmett Butler wants is to get home to the aunt who raised him, but a Chicago snowstorm and handsome flight attendant Cody Summers might change his plans.

Cody is content to fly for the holidays, but taking this year off seems like a good idea. When he meets Emmett, he just wants to see him smile, especially if it helps to distract him from his own family issues.

With the right Christmas wish, and some airplane shenanigans, can the two discover the true meaning of home?

Wish Me Home is a standalone Christmas novella that features a grumpy airline passenger just trying to get home and a sunshiny flight attendant determined to help him have a great Christmas; even if he doesn't realize that he's part of what's needed to make that perfect Christmas happen. 

Janet's Review:

Wish Me Home is the second book in the Home for the Holidays multi author series. It’s seriously good, sweet and reminds me of a Hallmark movie. 

Emmett is headed home for the holidays to the aunt that raised him. Cody is an airline steward that is off for the holidays and is headed home. I loved the way that Cody attached himself to Emmett. Neither man really has any idea how to navigate a relationship. I loved the grumpy/sunshine that was Emmett and Cody, loved it!! 

Overall, a fantastic, feel good read that left me smiling! Well written with great pacing that hooked me and kept me engaged. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Wish Me Home is the sweet, insta-love holiday romance that rivals a Hallmark movie.   What starts as two men stranded at the airport becomes a sweet holiday story of opposites and connections.  Emmett, who lost his parents young and still has an amazingly supportive Aunt Sadie contrasts with Cody, whose parents are still alive, but who don't appreciate him...  plus, they bond over holiday rituals and plans for the future...all while learning to be in a relationship...

It was a fast paced, sweet and lovely holiday read.

Rating: 4 Stars

Wish Me Home is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.