#TeaserTuesday: A Kiss for Santa by Mia Monroe


This week, we're celebrating the holidays with an exclusive excerpt from Mia Monroe's A Kiss for Santa. Check it out before the book releases on Thursday (November 10).

From the Blurb: 

This year, Santa gets a gift too.

One night every year, I deliver gifts to all the good people around the world. I have everything I could want—a beautiful private home, loving friends and family, and the most amazing job in existence. All my needs are more than met, and the other 364 days of the year are mine to spend how I wish.

The only thing I don’t have is a love of my own. I’ve been hopelessly in love with Luca Vincent for years, watching him from afar, but he has a full life and it would be selfish of me to woo him away. Which is a problem because I have to be married soon or lose my Christmas magic to my brother. Neither of us wants that to happen, leaving me with two choices—let the Council arrange a marriage or find my own husband fast.

With my looming deadline and Luca’s holiday cheer slipping away, I know the time to act is now. Somehow, I have to convince him to come back to my home with me. I’ll use every tool I have and plenty of holiday magic to make him mine. Maybe this Christmas, I’ll find a Kiss For Santa under the tree.

The Excerpt:

Unable to restrain myself a second longer, I wrap my arms around Luca and pull him into a kiss that feels like I waited my entire life to receive it. In a way, I did.

The man of my dreams. He’s finally mine.

I wasn’t sure if we would slowly undress, but Luca makes it clear he’s just as ready for me as I am for him as he practically tears his clothes from his body. I join him, our mouths still connected, only breaking apart to assist in clothing removal.

We fall backward when his legs reach the bed, both of us crawling to the center. His flesh, warm and pliant, sears me as his need entwines with mine. The kiss though, the way his tongue completely owns me, his heavy breaths competing with mine for oxygen, the soft moans filling the space… It’s almost enough, but no, we need to see this through.

“We need lube,” Luca pants, bucking his hips into mine.

“I have what we need, love,” I whisper, moving my kisses to his neck as he drags his fingers through my hair. I flick my wrist to produce the needed element. “Tell me what to do.”

Luca’s breath rattles. “Use your fingers on me.”

“May I look at you?”

“Of course.”

I sit back on my heels, gazing down at my gorgeous mate. He spreads his legs as the desire to touch him everywhere nearly drowns me. Where do I start? His throbbing erection, his tight pink hole, or that mouth that kisses me so deeply I feel it in my soul?

“What’s wrong?” Luca asks.

“Nothing. I’m just overwhelmed with everything I want to do.”

Luca pulls himself up, cupping my face. “Hey. We have eternity. We’ll do it all.”

I nod, stealing another kiss. “Right. This is about completing our bond.”

“Yes. Make me yours, Magnus. Take me.”

His words renew my purpose. I gently push him back and then spread his ass cheeks so I can gaze at his beautiful body. “You are a work of art, Luca.”

 You can pre-order now and it will also be available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.