Love at Frost Bite: Jingle (Mated to His Reindeer) by Wendy Rathbone

Love at Frost Bite: Jingle is a sweet steamy read. There's definitely some magical realism to the story! 

From the blurb:

The last thing an omega reindeer shifter wants to do is piss off his alpha flight instructor on the first day of school.

Alpha Jingle is the instructor at a magical version of a top gun flight school in the North Pole for reindeer shifters who can fly. His students are the best and brightest and all want jobs pulling one of dozens of the Santa Collective’s sleighs on Christmas Eve.

December, who prefers to be called Ember, is an omega with a keen mind for math and a talent for flight. But he’s one of the youngest students ever and is nervous and klutzy. His own youthful enthusiasm could be his undoing.

Jingle wants to see the young omega flourish, but Ember has a way of getting under his skin and irritating him, and he is not sure why.

Soon the two realize there is something happening between them that is more than teacher/student. Perhaps a bit of Arctic mysticism. Perhaps a little Christmas magic. Annoyance turns to attraction.

In this sweet, fairytale-esque Christmas novel, love finds its way toward two souls who need each other more than they realize, and soon even the coldest of northern winter nights melt under the twin heartbeats of fated mates.

MM, mpreg, flying reindeer shifters, Christmas romance, opposites attract, teacher/student, steamy heat, silly Christmas sweaters at the North Pole, a collective of real Santas, Christmas Eve magic, HEA.

Janet's Review:

Love at Frost Bite: Jingle is part of the multi-author Mated to His Reindeer series. Jingle is a reindeer instructor at a magical version of Top Gun. When I read that, I knew this was going to be good, and it was excellent. Sweet with heat! 

Ember is young, has a lot of doubt about himself. But he’s the best at everything, insanely smart and the best flyer. I loved Tiny and I really hope he gets a story! He was the perfect friend for Ember. The magic of Christmas and the way the author portrayed it was great. I seriously adored Ember and Jingle. 

Sweet and steamy, with a fantastic group of secondary characters. Overall, loved it, a great holiday story that left me with a smile. Well written with fast pacing. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

I adore Christmas/holiday romance stories, they always make me smile. This one did that for me as well. 

I also adored Ember's character, he was well developed, had his own quirks, his own personality that was my h different from the other characters and he was determined. He wanted to become part of Santa Kringle's fleet of reindeer so bad, even though he was nervous and worried he would mess up. He never expected that his teacher would be his fated mate!

Jingle is a reindeer shifter who teaches reindeers in training how to fly Santa's sleigh. Despite the fact that he can't fly, he's the best at teaching others how to do what he can't. He also was well written, i personally didn't particularly like his character as much as I did Ember. He just seemed cold? And jaded? Maybe that was just me but despite that his character was well written as well. 

I enjoyed this fated mate holiday Christmas romance, I wish there were more moments of Jingle and Ember being in their reindeer forms together. But overall well done! I love, love, loved the ending. Star is so adorable, and the ending just made this story! 

Rating: 4 Stars

Love at Frost Bite: Jingle is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.