Dashing & Daddy by Gianni Holmes

From the blurb:

When my mother asks me to keep an eye on her ex-husband, she doesn’t mention that I should keep my hands off him. That means he’s fair game, right?

My mother’s ex-husband, Mason, was never right for her.
He can’t hold down a job.
He has no sense of self-preservation.
And he lacks the resolve to take control of his life.
I never thought they belonged together

Why then did he seem like the perfect match for the Daddy that I am?

When I take a few days off for the holiday to relax, the last person I expect to see in our cabin next door is Mason.
His naïveté brings out my protective instincts.
The brilliant artistic talent he hides makes me want to show him off to the world.
And the way he looks at me has me longing to taste what’s forbidden between us.
Mason seems to feel the same way I do, but can I convince him to return home with me and allow me to take care of him?

Dashing and Daddy is a stand-alone holiday romance with an older boy who needs guidance in his life and a younger Daddy craving to give it to him.

Heather's Review:

What a delicious hurt/comfort read for the holidays!  If you like an younger daddy/older boy dynamic, you'll love the way that Gianni Holmes crafts Dashing and Daddy!  Mason always thought that Dillon hated him, but they reconnect at his ex-wife's cabins and wow!

This book is well paced, well written and you feel for Mason the minute you meet him... and Dillon too for being such a sweet Daddy... but Mason, you just want to eat that cinnamon roll up!  If you're looking for a holiday romance with a Daddy who craves a boy who needs him and a boy who just wants to be himself, look no further than Dashing and Daddy!  This book does not have age play or ABDL, just straight up caring adn guidance for a man who craves it.

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Daddy/boy. Hurt/comfort. Age gap. Quick read. Dual POV. 

Mason is a lost and lonely man, trading everything he has for warm showers and food. Dillon has always been attracted to his mother’s ex-husband, but now that he has the chance to care for Mason, perhaps Mason would be a willing boy to Dillon’s Daddy needs. 

This novella has all of the necessary caring Daddy and needy boy vibes, and Mason is a sweet older boy that thrives under the affection of a young and competent Daddy. During the holiday spent together, feelings grow quickly and a wealthy, protective Daddy finds a boy that meets all his needs as well. 

Fun holiday read with a well-deserved HEA.

Dashing and Daddy is currently available as an ebook and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription.