Cover Reveal & Exclusive Excerpt: Catching His Fire by Christie Gordon

I've been following the Mesa Boys series from the beginning, so I'm excited to see the next book in the series, Catching His Fire is less than a month from release!   If you haven't started this series, I recommend you begin with Catching His Fall, but they can be read standalone.  Now on to the beautiful cover:

From the blurb:

Jaime sees a man who’s hurting. Kaiden sees a man he can’t dismiss and might be the one who can help him heal.

Jaime Hadler was raised by two moms, who gave him the confidence he needed to be whoever he wants and to do what he loves. After working hard to build a successful motorcycle repair business, he’s finally ready to let go a little, hit the skate park more, and find a special someone to share his life with.

Kaiden Visser is merely surviving after enduring a painful miscarriage that destroyed his relationship with his girlfriend. It’s in his nature to make sure the people around him are taken care of, even if it means putting his own best interests aside. This fact coupled with the intense feelings he gets for men, makes him swear off any potential gay relationships.

When Kaiden walks into Jaime’s shop needing a mod for a new motorcycle, Jaime is excited to meet him. But when the work leaves a stray screw, Kaiden and Jaime get into a heated argument, one that continues under the influence of alcohol at the local quirky bar and ends explosively in a bathroom encounter. Jaime’s sure he’ll never see Kaiden again, but neither of them can get the encounter or their powerful chemistry out of their minds. As the encounters pile up each time they meet, they finally admit the inevitable and try starting something. But Kaiden’s not out and his ex-girlfriend has other plans. How do Jaime and Kaiden navigate the pitfalls of their budding relationship?

Catching His Fire is an enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features a light-hearted skater, motorcycles, and a serious man who needs someone to show him how to live again. This is book five in the Mesa Boys series. Each book features a different couple.

Trigger Warnings: Miscarriage - there is a passage in this book where one of the MCs describes in detail his experience with an early, second-trimester miscarriage, but the miscarriage is a past event. There is also the death of an absent parent.


“Sure.” Kaiden twisted his lips, then leaned in and whispered in Jaime’s ear. “Follow me outside.” He shot a look at the door.

“Okay.” Jaime watched the sway of Kaiden’s tight ass as he strode out the front door of the shop and into the early evening light, the sun setting across the roof lines of the buildings in the street.

Kaiden stopped at his bike and picked up his helmet, turning it in his hands.

“What?” Jaime’s chest stiffened. There were so many things he wanted to ask. Like, were they a thing now? Was this going anywhere? Or was he going to continue to try and pursue Andrea? He clenched his teeth. No, I don’t want to know the answer to that. It probably isn’t what I want to hear.

Kaiden blew out a breath, fixating on his helmet. “If…if things don’t work out with uh, Andrea, would you want to…would you consider maybe—”

“Dude, are you seriously about to ask me if I’d want Andrea’s sloppy seconds?” He scowled and turned around, rubbing his forehead. Okay, he’s back to asshole I’d like to fuck.

“Seems like maybe if Andrea decided to go out with me, then she would already be your sloppy seconds.” Kaiden released a choked chuckle. “I know…I’m an asshole.” He winced and peeked at him. “I don’t really hate you, okay? I’m confused. I’m a confused asshole and you’re…driving me batshit crazy.” With a shake of his head, he mounted his bike, started the motor with a loud rumble, and drove off.

“Oh, my fucking God.” Jaime pressed his hand to his forehead, shielding his eyes from the setting sun, then rubbed his aching chest over his heart. “You’re driving me batshit crazy, too, asshole I’d like to fuck.”

Preorder your copy of Catching His Fire which will release on December 16th or grab it on release day in Kindle Unlimited!