Baking Me Crazy by Catherine Cloverdale

Baking Me Crazy is a small-town feel good romance set around helping friends plan a Christmas wedding...

From the blurb:

I have one dating rule: never fall for a player.

I only signed up to bake the cake, I didn’t expect to get stuck planning the entire wedding. But it’s my friend, and Christmas is the season for giving, I guess. Now I’m stuck planning it with the groom’s incredibly hot cousin, Gabe. Gabe is handsome, charming, tall, hard working—and he wrote the book on how to be a player. I absolutely cannot, will not, fall for Gabe. I know what happens with players, and it won’t end well for me.

No matter how hot he is.

Wedding planning is chaos and Gabe is more interested in flirting with me than choosing flower arrangements. Even if he does think I’m an uptight control freak. When catering falls through, Gabe jumps into action to fix it, and seeing the sweet side of him take things seriously makes me question why my rule exists in the first place. Then there’s the way he shows up with a Christmas tree when I don’t have the time this year, and the way he always knows just how to comfort me when the wedding stress gets to be too much.

Maybe giving in this once won’t hurt.

Baking Me Crazy is book two in the Apple Meadows Romance series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are recurring characters throughout that make reading in order more enjoyable. This is a small town m/m romance featuring opposites attract, the MCs being forced to work together, tons of Christmas spirit, plenty of steamy scenes, and a guaranteed happy ending.

Laora's Review:

This second book set in Apple Meadows was way more to my liking. I liked this small town romance in which Gabe, mailman, and Daniel, baker, seem to be two completely opposite persons. Gabe has been burned by his ex and Daniel is to busy with work. They are wrangled to be best men/ wedding planners for their close family/friend their Christmas time and theme wedding. Through working together they find they are attracted and slowly start to act on that. Against their initial misgivings and daubts they come to their senses and start a real relationship in which they appreciate their differences.

I really enjoy small town romance and this was a gun and sweet one to read. It was also fun to have glimpses of Adrian and Julian who found their love in book one.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Baking Me Crazy is a grumpy/sunshine opposites attract, building attraction story where the characters grow into their attraction through a little acrimony and differing opinions on love and marriage..  plus, it doesn't hurt that there are a ton of baked goods...

We see both characters struggle with their pasts and balance their wants for the future while getting to know each other as they quickly help plan a Christmas wedding that runs into more pitfalls and problems than one would normally expect...

It's a sweet story with good pacing and steam and combines a holiday story with a sweet, small town romance.  

Rating: 4 Stars

Baking Me Crazy is available in paperback and ebook and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription