Unnecessary Roughness by Rheland Richmond and Emerson Beckett (Package Deal Bk 3) - Review, Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway

Make sure you have tissues handy when you pick up Unnecessary Roughness, the latest release in the Package Deal series by Rheland Richmond and Emerson Beckett

From the blurb:

Jackson Kincaid

When my best friend, Allison, died in a car accident, I suddenly became the parent of my ten-year-old godson. How was I supposed to play football for the Portland Pirates and be a full-time single dad?

Adjusting is the name of the game. But thanks to my friends, and Simon, the team doctor, we'll heal and make it through.

Did I mention he's my best friend, and I can't stop my having dirty thoughts about getting him naked? Keeping my feelings a secret isn't easy or the only obstacle I'll face.

Simon Taylor

As my new friends like to say, I'm the hardass team doctor that lets nothing get by me. But somehow, Jackson did.

While helping him adjust to his new reality, I wasn't prepared for my new feelings for him to surface. Especially when I didn't know I had them. Jackson and his godson have stolen my heart and aren't letting go.

It doesn't matter that our relationship might be considered forbidden or that he's fifteen years younger than me. I want things with him that I've never wanted with anyone else. Especially a man.

Jackson and I deserve to be together no matter how rough things get. Some things are just worth it.

Unnecessary Roughness is a smokin' hot friends to lovers and age gap story and the third book in the Package Deal Series.

Heather's Review:

This book has all the feels... if death of a close friend is a trigger for you than you'll probably want to skip this story, because Jackson, Simon & Parker deal with Allison's death and the lingering trauma from this terrible tragedy throughout the book, but if you're willing to sacrifice some tissues, the story is steamy, sweet and uplifting in so many ways!  This book is truly an exploration of friends to lovers, finding the right man at the right time and exploring found family and written in a beautiful and well paced way that keeps even this covid addled brain focused and right in their world from Portland to Georgia and back...

Unnecessary Roughness has it all - friendship, bi-awakening, steam, hot football players, found family, adorable puppies, kids and more!  It can be read standalone, but you'll definitely enjoy it more if you've read the first two books in the Package Deal series!

Rating: 5 Stars

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Unnecessary Roughness
By Rheland Richmond & Emerson Beckett

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When I was twelve, I discovered some things that would ultimately change my life forever.

Growing up on a farm in rural eastern Alabama, I learned about life and how things worked. Even though I loved looking after our three horses, sheep, and the goats we raised on our dairy farm, it was a hard life, and I wanted out. I wanted more from life than being a dairy farmer in nowhere Alabama.

The only problem was my parents had a completely different plan for my life. And it was their way or the highway, as the expression goes. They wanted me to stay in my very strict, sheltered world, get married to a nice girl, and raise a family on the farm.

All that made me want to do was run as far and fast as I could.

I wanted to see the world and be free to make my own choices for my life. I figured out the only way to make that happen was to go to college and become someone that wasn’t the son of Joseph and Helen Kincaid, the dairy farmers from Eastover, Alabama.

There was no way they’d agree to pay for it, so I had to find a way. I also knew that once I left, there was no going back. It should have terrified me. Everything I knew was there. But there was no fear because I wasn’t going alone. My best friend was leaving with me. Just like me, she wanted more from her life too. And she knew there was no finding it in Eastover.

Meeting my best friend, Allison Marie Finley was the best thing to ever happen to me.

We were two peas in a pod. We’d known each other through elementary school but didn’t become best friends until the sixth grade when we were paired up in class to do a research project. She was the person I could tell anything to and knew it wouldn’t get out. Allison was the only person I’d ever told I might like boys a little more than girls. And she knew I’d never be able to find out who I was if I stayed home.

So when we started high school, we devised a plan to get out. I found football to pay my way through college, and she went the academic route to get scholarships to pay for hers. The second we graduated, we left home without the blessing of either of our parents to attend the University of Georgia and never looked back.

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About the Authors

Rheland Richmond:

For as long as she can remember Rheland's had her nose stuck in a book, getting lost in the world of someone else's creation (She still does). Her love for writing came from her love for reading. She could never have one without the other. 

Writing has always been a hobby and a cathartic experience for her. There are many stories lost to the never to be completed or published pile but needed to be written at the time.

She's just a girl that loved stories so much she wrote hers. 

Rheland would love to hear from her readers and learn more about Y'all. So if you get a chance... please get in touch.

Connect with Rheland:

Emerson Beckett:

Who is Emerson Beckett? That’s a good question.

I’m a retired educator who loves all things romance and an avid reader and consumer of well-written M/M romance books.

My journey to becoming an author started with an idea I had one night while I sat reading on my sofa. That idea became an email that ultimately resulted in me editing for three wonderfully talented M/M romance authors. The third referral led to an opportunity to co-write with one of the most genuine and kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. (She’s my co-author for Quarterback Keeper.)

I’m a wife and a mother of three beautiful adults, one of which is trans and responsible for my love of this genre. All three have since left us with an empty nest that is now full of pets.

Emerson would love to hear from her readers. So if you get a chance... Get in touch.

Connect with Emerson: