Teaser Tuesday: Curiouis Relations by Raquel Riley

So excited to be able to share an exclusive excerpt of Curious Relations by Raquel Riley!  Pre-order today and it will arrive on your Kindle on Thursday!  It will also be available in KU! 

From the blurb:

Two roommates. One gay, one straight. Will their flirtatious game lead to love or loathing?

Hudson Brantley

Murphy loves taunting me, but two can play at that game. When he takes things too far one night, I decide to turn the tables on him. What started out as a lesson quickly changed my entire life. I’m not sure where this is going, but I think Murphy dreams of something real.

Could the future I imagined include a man?

Murphy Maguire

I only meant to tease him, but Hudson has no problem calling my bluff. What starts as a dare quickly turns into an enemies-with-benefits arrangement. Until I start wanting more…

Can I convince Hudson to give us a chance at a real relationship?

Curious Relations is an age gap, enemies with benefits, bi-awakening gay romance with a happily ever after, a rowdy bachelor party, and male escorts. This is the fourth book in the Hearts For Hire series. 


Chapter 12


Was it a coincidence that I bought tickets to the same movie as Hudson and his date? 

Absolutely not. 

After his shower, I heard him complaining about me through the bathroom door. But it was a coincidence that I was standing next to his phone when his date texted and asked if he was all right with the movie she chose. Her message flashed across the screen. It tickled me to think how much he was going to hate this movie. He must be feeling really desperate tonight to agree to sit through this God-awful cinematic trash for the next two hours while he primed her for the night ahead.

I couldn’t explain why I thought this was a good idea, and I still thought it was, but I was positive Hudson wasn’t going to see it that way. Part of me just couldn’t help pushing his buttons because it turned me the fuck on when he reacted to me. The other part of it was that it really bothered me he was seeing her tonight. I didn’t have to look too deep  to figure out why, either. When he told me he had plans tonight, a rush of jealousy lit me up from the inside out. If his lips were going to be on anybody, they damn sure better be mine!

I played it off casually, because what else could I do? 

Hudson needed to understand that his weekends belonged to me.

I harbored the tiniest glimmer of hope that I might get him to cross the line with me if I pushed him again and tempted him just right. It hadn’t made me feel good when I saw the aftermath of what happened last time, but I felt like Hudson had moved past that, maybe that he was growing more comfortable with me. When I caught him in the bathroom tonight, it took him a moment or two before he remembered to close that curtain. And he didn’t even sound angry until I mentioned the floss and flushed the toilet on him. 

I must be growing on him, like moss, or fungus. 

The theater was dark and so quiet you could hear a pin drop as I tiptoed inside, sneaking into the row directly behind Hudson and his date. The place was less than half full, so they were easy to spot. I settled into my seat and studied them as I dug into my buttery popcorn. There was no cuddling or leaning into each other. No bowed heads or whispered conversation. They sat stoically, ignoring each other as he pretended to watch the movie. He had to be pretending, there was no way he was interested in this bullshit. Come to think of it, I was actually saving him from a boring evening, just like the hero I am. 

But would he see it that way? Not likely.

Just when I observed Hudson deploy the classic yawn and stretch move that signaled he was about to slide his arm around the girl, I leaned forward and pretended to be surprised when I exclaimed, “Hudson? Oh my God, what are the odds!”

He startled and then did a double take, cursing under his breath when he realized it was me who’d interrupted his snuggle session. “Slim to none!” he whispered angrily. 

Ignoring his remark, I continued to play dumb. “Hey, is that seat taken? Hold on, I’ll join you!” I popped up and rounded the row of seats, sliding in next to Hudson, and smacked his knee good naturedly. “What a happy coincidence!”

“Hardly,” he said aloud. Hudson leaned in and threatened quietly, “I’m going to kill you. You’re going to pay so good for this.”

I popped a handful of popcorn in my mouth and crunched noisily, disturbing the silence. “Sounds kinky. I’m in.” I winked playfully, but he only glared, shooting daggers with his eyes.

Hudson rudely nudged my shoulder with his, pushing me away. “I promise it won’t be.”

He made a quick introduction to his date, explaining that I was his roommate and refocused on the movie, promptly ignoring me. 

Lisette reached into Hudson’s lap for a handful of popcorn, and I sprung into action. Not tonight, sister! Quickly, I grabbed the bucket from his lap and shoved it into her hands. “Here, have your own. Hudson can share with me.” I placed my bucket on his lap, but he smacked it away, spilling several kernels on his jeans. “Let me get that.” I plucked the kernels from his lap, brushing my fingertips over his groin each time. 

By the third kernel, he smacked my hand away. 

“Why are you here? I thought you had a party?” he growled low in my ear.

“I did. They only booked me for an hour. That’s why I love bachelorette parties. You get in, dance, gather up the dough and get out quickly. What was I supposed to do with the rest of my night?”

“And you just happened to end up here, in this movie?” He raised his brows disbelievingly.

My lips curved into the most innocent smile I could muster. “You’re underestimating my love for period dramas. I have a thing for the accents and the costumes.”

His eyes narrowed evilly. “I hate you.”

Completely undeterred, I smiled and offered him my bucket. “Here, have some popcorn.” 

Are you looking forward to Curious Relations by Raquel Riley?  Pre-order today and it will arrive on your Kindle on Thursday!  It will also be available in KU!