Home for the Holidays Collection - Cover Reveal and Excerpts for this multi-author event!

So excited to share covers and details about another amazing multi-author collab - Home for the Holidays Collection - 

Christmas Tree Wishes - Kelsey Hodge (November 21, 2022)


We have an understanding. We have an end date, and that date has arrived. I finish travelling and walk away thinking I will never see him again, but fate has other ideas. When I knock on that door, I never expect to see him standing there. Suddenly, he’s thrust himself back into my world. Now we are trying to save the town Christmas tree, and I’m trying to find the strength to tell the world who I really am.

I have rules I live by. Rules that keep me safe. And they worked... Until I met him. I want to tell him to stay, but I don’t. I let him go. I never expect for him to turn up on my doorstep. Now we’re working to save something we both love — the town Christmas tree. But I’m trying to save something else. Something I never wanted before — a future with someone. A future with him.


Opening the front door and taking a step out I take a deep breath, fulling my lungs with the cold crisp air. Darkness had already set in but that would make where I was going even better. Walking down my street I take in everything committing it to memory. All the houses decorated for Christmas, because of course we couldn’t have moved in the middle of summer, we had to leave at my most favourite time of year.

Wish Me Home - Joelle Lynne (November 23, 2022)

All Emmett Butler wants is to get home to the aunt who raised him, but a Chicago snowstorm and handsome flight attendant Cody Summers might change his plans.

Cody is content to fly for the holidays, but taking this year off seems like a good idea. When he meets Emmett, he just wants to see him smile, especially if it helps to distract him from his own family issues.

With the right Christmas wish, and some airplane shenanigans, can the two discover the true meaning of home?

Wish Me Home is a standalone Christmas novella that features a grumpy airline passenger just trying to get home and a sunshiny flight attendant determined to help him have a great Christmas; even if he doesn't realize that he's part of what's needed to make that perfect Christmas happen.


Emmett: Aunt Sadie is still on mission embarrass Emmett. We’re going to Balboa park. She would like to invite you to join us.

I heald my breath after hitting the send button. The message ticked over to read. The little dots bounced on my screen and my shoulders relaxed to realize that he wasn’t brushing me off.

Hot Flight Attendant: That’s really sweet of her to invite me. I have a bit of a situation over here.

A picture came through not a minute later of a small imitation Christmas tree that looked like it had seen better days. Half of the lights weren’t working and there were ornaments spread across the floors. One was shattered near Cody’s bare foot.

Emmett: You’re fighting with a tree?

“Is he coming?” Aunt Sadie asked drawing my attention from my phone. I looked down to my screen to see that another message had come through.

Hot Flight Attendant: I think it’s winning…

Hot Wishes & Cold Kisses - DK Sutton (November 25, 2022)



At sixteen, I stupidly confessed my love to Zachary Coleman, my best friend’s older brother, only to be shattered by his rejection. In the ten years since, I’ve made it through college, stayed best friends with Susie, and moved back home to teach five-year-old how to count and not put pencils up their nose. I’ve barely seen Zachary during this time. According to Susie, he has an aversion to fun, spending time with his family, and Christmas.

When Susie is injured in an accident, Zachary is forced to come home and help take care of her three adorable but lively children. Zachary thinks because he manages an office full of staff this will be easy. I’m still worried for my friend, but I enjoy watching Zachary fall flat on his gorgeous ass. And all those pesky feelings from ten years ago? Still a problem. The more I’m around Zachary, the harder it’s going to be when he leaves again.

And should I mention I’m engaged to his sister?


I avoid going home as much as I possible. I love my family. But I feel like I’m suffocating in our small town. And honestly, I’d rather keep busy than deal with the pain of the holidays. Spending time with family is overrated. Christmas is overrated. It’s all a ploy for people to spend money they don’t have and get more time off work.

But when my sister has an accident and ends up in a coma, I rush home to help take care of her children. It would be much easier if I didn’t have to also deal with Oliver Pattinson. I still remember the kiss Oliver—Liv—gave me that cold winter day on his sixteenth birthday. And the look on his face when I had to push him away. I didn’t mean to hurt him, but I was an adult. Oliver was not.

The more time I spend with Oliver and the kids, the more my priorities shift. The kids tug at my heart and this man has a way of making everything better…making everything fun. Is that from hanging around kindergarteners all day? Oliver is a grown up now but wanting him still feels wrong. Forbidden.

Especially when I find out he’s engaged to my sister.

Can Oliver and I put our differences aside, ignore the growing attraction between us, and focus on what’s really important? Making sure these kids have a Merry Christmas. Which isn’t easy when it’s only a few weeks away, the kids need costumes for the school Christmas program, and Susie has successfully hidden all the presents.

Hot Wishes & Cold Kisses is a 47,000+ standalone MM small town holiday second chance romance with sassy kids, a clueless caregiver, snowball fights, moonlight kisses, and a HEA. 


“Why are you here?” I ask when Oliver doesn’t say anything else. I just want to hear him admit it. My Liv—not mine. Not ever mine—dating my sister? It seems impossible.

“Ollie is taking care of us,” Ashlyn says with a slight lisp he still hasn’t grown out of.

“Is that so?” My eyes wander back to Oliver. He’s no longer the awkward sixteen-year-old I used to know. His face is leaner and his body more toned, but he's still just as beautiful. How is this my life? My sister’s boyfriend. The person caring for her kids while she lies helpless in a hospital bed.

The same guy who hates me.

And the main reason I've avoided coming home.

Once Upon a Wish - Shane K Morton (November 28, 2022)

When Jax returned home to his small town of Hardin, Kentucky- the last thing he thought he'd find was the life he left behind, and the desire to return.

Jax- I'm going home for the holidays for the first time in three years. It's also been three years since I've gone home. I blame work and the life I worked hard for in Los Angeles. It's a major league team, and if I hadn't worked so hard, I wouldn't have accomplished this. But I had to come back. My high school coach is retiring and he asked me to be his keynote speaker. Home... It comes with a lot of baggage. Why did I have to bump into Kenny? He's the largest piece of baggage I left behind. But he smiled at me, and all I could think of were the good times we had. Not the heartbreak he caused... I need to remember that he was never good for me. He was selfish and full of himself, and he had no right to look so hot.

Kenny- The holidays always bring about a bunch of crap that I really don't want to deal with. My parents have both died and celebrating Christmas alone is... Well, it's not fun. It's depressing and sad. But maybe this holiday will be different? I'm tired of being alone, in my own forced exile. Maybe it's time to embrace the future? Besides, Jax is back in town. His mother told me he was coming in. But am I ready to see him again after all the hurt I know I caused him? I know what my heart says. It's only ever been Jax for me, even if he does deserve better.

Grant My Wish - Morgan Mason (November 30, 2022)


Gearing up for his first holiday season as the new owner of his family’s restaurant, Reid has his work cut out for him. His small resort town is a destination location, but the reappearance of the high school bully who returns every year is not the way Reid wants to start the holidays. Especially given that Grant was the first boy he’d ever loved, and the one boy who’d broken his heart.

Returning home for the holidays every year is never fun. The memories of who Grant used to be lurk around every corner. With little to no relationship with his family, Grant plans to spend his holidays eating pie and skiing. But running into the one man Grant has never apologized to changes the course of his visit. And his life.

Can Reid and Grant mend fences and move past the hurtful high school bet that tore them apart? Can they put the past behind them to see the future that lies ahead?

Grant My Wish is a 44K word standalone novella that features bully redemption, small town vibes, hurt/comfort, holiday wishes come true, and a HEA.


Warning bells were ringing like crazy through Grant’s head as he trudged up the stairs of the Sun Valley Lodge. He had no idea what had prompted the crazy invitation of coffee, and judging from the stunned expression on Reid’s face a minute ago, he didn’t either. The two of them had done their level best to avoid and ignore each other for years, but Grant wasn’t used to compliments being directed his way and had reacted defensively to Reid’s comment.

It stung more than Grant would like to admit when Reid had called him out for being an asshole. He was an asshole. Everyone knew it. But seeing the hurt and anger, yet again, in Reid’s eyes as he’d stormed off had Grant kicking his own ass for reacting without thinking again. Reid had done nothing but pay him a compliment and he’d snapped, practically biting the other man’s head off. For whatever reason, Reid drew out strong reactions and emotions from him, and frankly, he was tired of their bickering.

If Reid could give him a few minutes to attempt to unwind the clusterfuck of the last however many years, maybe they could actually greet each other with a smile rather than the bird. Reid did have such a great smile after all. Not that it had been directed Grant’s way lately, of course.

Holding the door open, Reid passed by with that same wary wide-eyed glance, his helmet and goggles discarded outside with his skis, and his gloves already shoved into his pockets. This close, Grant noticed little flecks of gold in Reid’s eyes, a similar shade to the streaks of gold in his hair. And were his lips more raspberry or rose?

Shaking off his momentary stupor, he hurried after Reid who was already heading toward the small counter-serve restaurant. There was another fancier restaurant with plush chairs and table linens where guests could dine, but from the slope side of the lodge, skiers and snowboards frequented the grab-and-go style service where they could take their baskets of burgers and fries to more casual seating. Reid glanced over his shoulder, a hesitant but subtle lift to one corner of his mouth when he spotted Grant approaching.

“What’ll it be?” Grant offered, trying to keep their interaction light. “I’m usually blond with two sugars.”

“I prefer mine brown with no sugar,” Reid replied, something humorous dancing in his eyes. Grant had no hope of knowing what made the other man tick, so he stepped up to the counter to order their drinks instead of trying to unravel whatever that was.

Mistletoe Wishes and Hookups - Kota Quinn (December 2, 2022)


CEO Nathan James is newly divorced and needs a distraction. When his sister asks Nathan to come home for the holidays, and help out at her B&B, he realizes a White Christmas might be exactly what he needs.

Nathan doesn't need to fall for the tall and beautiful younger man who comes to his rescue, even if his shy smile reawakens Nathan’s heart.

Working part-time at the ice rink, Elijah Hall knows almost everyone in small-town Skystead, Maine. Everyone except the handsome and muscular man who is flailing around like a newborn faun on the ice. Elijah is more than happy to rescue the sexy stranger, even though it's Elijah who truly wishes to be cherished.

What starts as a sweet meet-cute quickly leads to an awkward misunderstanding and eventually turns into one hot hookup.

When Nathan and Elijah collide they try to fight it, but their chemistry is undeniable. They can't seem to keep their hands to themselves, and fate, or something like it, keeps pushing them together. Also, who in the freaking sugar cookies keeps hanging mistletoe everywhere?

Mistletoe Wishes & Hookups is a small-town Christmas MM romance filled with letters, holiday cheer, DIY projects, steamy nights, and all the winter-themed drinks.

I tried to keep the embrace short, but I also couldn't help leaning into him. “Hello, beautiful,” I whispered in his ear, loving the way he shivered in my arms.

When I started to pull away he gave me a brief hug back. I loved that he was so much taller than me. I didn’t have much experience with a taller love interest, but I could get used to his height. Wait, love interest? Where did that term even come from?  

After he pulled back, I took my time appreciating the light blush that dusted his cheeks. He looked so adorable all bundled up in his jacket, beanie, and scarf. How he looked so stylish and warm in the snow baffled me. His scarf looked a little askew from our hug, so I reached forward and straightened it.  

Elijah gave me a small smile. “Are you here to help me pick out a tree for the B&B?”

“Would you like that, Sunshine? We can get some hot chocolate or coffee and walk around checking out the trees.”

“Yes, please. I’m terrible at picking trees,” he chuckled. “I did it last year and the year before, both trees dried out so fast, they looked more like firewood than anything else. I have no idea why Natalie asked me to do this.”

I smirked. “I’m pretty sure Natalie was playing matchmaker and wanted us to run into each other.”

To Wish Impossible Things - B. Ripley (December 5, 2022)



The one last name in all of Hadley, Saskatchewan that can send a chill down my spine. The Carmichaels are rude, loud and dangerous. Everyone in town knows to avoid them, so when my mother lets it slip that she’s hired one of them at her bakery, I can’t help but think that she’s playing with fire. When a fall sends her to the hospital, I head home early for Christmas, unwilling to let all of her hard work fall apart at the hands of a Carmichael.

I didn’t expect him though.

Avery Carmichael is a whirlwind of ridiculous ideas and impossible dreams. Growing up under the shadow of his last name has only made him more vibrant and I don’t know what to do with how he makes me feel. I came anticipating a fist fight and all I’ve gotten are snowballs, sugar cookies and the urge to let him kiss me like I know he wants to, even though I’m sure I’m straight.

I’m used to calm, predictable things and Avery is anything but. It’s impossible for me to want him like I do, but beneath the mistletoe impossible wishes can become real.

Can’t they?


I peeked out the window of the store again and saw Eldon walking towards his vehicle where it
sat across the street. My hands jittered at my sides as wonder and curiosity and unspoken things
rattled through my head like a freight train. Did he think of me as I did of him? Had he wanted to
kiss me earlier and I missed the cues? Was my brain in overdrive thinking too many thoughts at

The last one was highly likely, if I was being honest, but something about Eldon screamed for
me to rush out and kiss him right there on the quiet, snowy sidewalk. I wanted to wreck him,
smudge up his glasses a bit, mess up his fancy hairstyle and move my lips over his until he
couldn’t remember what it felt like to not exist in my breath. 

But most of all, I just wanted to be near him and it was that urge that pushed me through the
front door of the bookstore, leaving behind my winter coat and the work that needed to be done
as I hurried across the street to where he stood, looking perplexed at my sudden appearance.

“Hi,” I said as I came to stand beside him, shivering in my thin sweater. 

“Avery, what are you doing? You’re going to freeze out here.”

“Yeah, probably.” I bounced from foot to foot as I pulled my cold fingers into my sleeves, trying
to get warm. “But, I need to know… you know?”

Eldon made a noise under his breath that sounded like frustration, but he reached out to draw me
closer to him, just enough that he could reach out and rub my arms, warming me up with warm
hands that felt like perfection against my body. “Know what? It’s really cold out here. Why don’t
you go back inside?”

“I can’t, until I know if you want to kiss me.”

Eldon’s eyes widened and he dropped his hands from my arms like he’d just realized what he
was doing. “Avery, I-” 

“No. Not ‘Avery, I’, or ‘Avery, you’, or anything else that starts with my name and ends with
you walking away from me again without giving me a real answer. Do you want to kiss me,
Eldon? Yes or no?”

One Last Wish - Alex J Adams (December 7, 2022)



Heading home for the holidays was the last thing I wanted to do. I had plans. Plans that didn’t involve visiting the back of beyond.

But a call from mum two weeks before the holidays put paid to said plans. Grandpa was sick and wanted to see me. He’d been a big part of my life growing up and I wouldn’t deny him that. He’s got a list too. Not a bucket list, he didn’t like that name.

He had a wish list and wanted my help.

What I didn’t expect, though, was the annoyingly cheerful Angus with his kilt, tattoos, and piercings. He was totally not my type


William Campbell was my best friend, even at the ripe old age of eighty-seven. We’d talk, play chess and talk some more. He’d boast about his high-flying grandson, Blair and I’d listen and nod. In the twelve months, I’d looked after William, I’d never seen him. He’d visited, just not when I was around, and to be honest, I was pleased about that. He was arrogant and selfish and didn’t seem to care one jot about his grandpa.

Now he’s here and I’m trying to hate him. Hate his perfect smile, and his warm brown eyes but he’s pushing all my buttons, and not in a bad way, and when William asks me to help Blair fulfill his wish list, who am I to say no?

One Last Wish is an MM Christmas standalone featuring a grumpy architect and a carefree carer. They come together over an old man's wish list, trying to bring a little light to his life, at the same time finding that opposites really do attract.