Fang (Gothika #6) by Sue Brown, Eli Easton, Jamie Fessenden, and Kim Fielding

Gothic stories feature gloomy horror in Fang, a collection of four short stories delivers. Vampires and what they do to survive and the men that get swept up into the darker side of being a vampire.

From the blurb:

My vampire clan is dying. Human blood is too tainted to sustain us. On the brink of giving up, the last thing I expect to find is the saviour of my clan, a non-human. He is my mate.
I know I must ask the impossible of my mate. If he walks away my clan will die. I don’t know if I’ll be able to let him go if he says no. Do I give him that choice, or his body and blood mine to command?

The life of a healer is a lonely one. Feared by the local villagers for being both a healer and an albino, Darian lives alone and spends his days picking herbs, making remedies, and talking to his dead teacher. Then one day he finds a mysterious man in the woods who’s been shot through with an arrow. Darian takes the man, Locke, back to his little hut and tends him as best he can.
Locke is a strange creature—at times imperious and at other times nearly feral. But he is stunningly beautiful, and, more importantly, he finds Darian beautiful and unique—like a white unicorn. The two lonely men take comfort in each other’s company, and they bond over the days of Locke’s healing. But when killings begin in the nearby village, Darian must face both the nature of the man he invited into his bed and the villager’s wrath.

A visit from a fearful apparition has marked Josiah Crayne as the next to die. August Walker returns home to confront the ghosts of the past—not only his painful memories of a friend's death, but also his own sexuality.
As August investigates the tragedy that’s befallen the Craynes, it may turn out to be too much for him to bear—especially when he begins to suspect this man marked for death could return his affections.

Lee Harker has never fit in anywhere. Not with his immigrant family in rural Nebraska, not on a Navy ship during World War II, and not in Los Angeles as associate in a law firm. But when he’s sent to a remote mansion to complete some paperwork for the reclusive Vincent Farkas, Lee encounters the most unsettling circumstances yet. Caught in a place where things truly do go bump in the night, he must face his fears—and his desires—and acknowledge his true nature.

SNik's Review:

Collection of 4 stories. Historical paranormal with horror elements. 

Each story features an mm couple and a variation of vampire with individual world building. Very spooky reads, with dark elements and interesting characters. 

Trickle of Blood has a vampire clan leader searching for the blood that will save his clan. 

A Dark Healing is about a lonely and sweet healer saving an injured vampire. 

The Quarry Boy features a cursed family, and the educated doctor that tries to help a handsome farmer survive. Farkas tells the story of an attorney assisting a vampire with continuing his long-lived identity and companionship. 

Entertaining read for those readers that enjoy the darker side of vampires trying to survive with casualties along the way for their survival.

Rating: 4 Stars

Fang is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.


  1. I really enjoyed this book. I have enjoyed the other Gothika books I was able to find.


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