Bad Deal (A-List Security #3) - Annabeth Albert

The third story in Annabeth Albert's A-List Security series, Bad Deal, has a sweet romance between two mature men that grows naturally. A bodyguard and TV executive become friends while pretending to be fake boyfriends which of course leads to more feelings than just friendship.  A read that leaves you happy with all the feels about a blooming love that can be found when two people try for it.

From the blurb:

I’m a bodyguard and far from ideal boyfriend material, but agreeing to this fake dating scheme might be the best bad deal I’ve ever made…

I’m a fixer. As a SEAL chief, I succeeded in impossible no-win situations. Now I’m retired and determined to improve the lives of my former military teammates through our Hollywood security firm. Plus, I get to guard intriguing people like Ambrose Sterling, creator of one of my favorite TV shows.

Of course, I want to keep Ambrose safe. When he’s attacked, I leap into action to save him and his scrappy little therapy dog.

But my good deed results in a coastal road trip with me pretending to be Ambrose’s boyfriend to keep him out of more danger.

I don’t do relationships, and I’ve never thought about dating a man before, but here I am, sizzling with every touch and dreaming about more stolen kisses.

Each night of white-hot passion brings us closer to an unbreakable bond. But I’m blue-collar, and Ambrose is Hollywood elite. I want a happy ending more than anything. Can I turn this fake boyfriend gig into the real thing, or am I just a guest star?

BAD DEAL is book three in the A-List Security series. It features a highly protective SEAL bodyguard, a suit-wearing silver fox, an adorably ugly dog, and all sorts of brand-new emotions. Get ready for all the high heat, big feels, and found family feels readers expect from this fan-favorite military romance author. Join A-List Security for this lower-angst series featuring former SEALs and the celebrity clients who win their hearts. Happy endings and no cliffhangers guaranteed!

SNik's Review:

Third in series (A-List Security), can be read as a standalone but might be more fun if read in order. Slow burn. Fake boyfriend. Dual POV. 

Television executive Ambrose has a crush on the man in charge of security for his TV show, but he is juggling his anxiety and a hit show so ogling the straight former SEAL is as far as it can go. But Harley protects Ambrose and the men become friends, and when Harley agrees to act as Ambrose’s boyfriend for an upcoming wedding they start to deepen feelings and caring while exploring some new physical and relationship-like ground for pansexual Harley. 

Both Ambrose and Harley are sweet and communicate honestly about their personal doubts and experiences. The slow build of their friendship felt natural and mature as expected for two men in their forties, as they forge a relationship based on mutual understanding, care, trust and which fulfills the needs and wants of both men. I enjoyed every second of them spending time together, all the shared interests and steamy scenes. 

Sometimes a well written low angst romance is just what a reader needs, and Annabeth Albert delivers with this story of two men that work towards a love that lasts.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Bad Deal was a very sweet and moderately steamy read with some of my favourite hot-buttons - bi/pan awakening, co-worker crush, road trip, fake dating and forced proximity!  

As always, Annabeth Albert gives us characters with personality and wit and who can laugh at themselves and learn with each other and I truly appreciated the story's flow and the good mix of side characters and cameos from the other A-List guys and their partners (and pups).

If you're up for a low angst read with sweet characters and lots of good feels then add Bad Deal to your TBR!

Rating: 5 Stars

Bad Deal is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.