His Crimson Skye (Country Daddy, City Little Book 5) by Della Cain

Heather picked up His Crimson Skye while sick, needing something sweet, which is exactly what she got.

From the blurb:

Having your daddy move out sucks. Finding out you were never on the lease? That double sucks.

Skye doesn’t believe in happy ever afters. He understood from day one that he and his daddy weren’t going to be always and forever. He just never expected to have his daddy randomly move out one day and to find himself soon to be apartmentless.

With only a week left before his inevitable move to the middle of nowhere, Skye decides to spend one last evening at Collared. It’s not like he’ll be able to find someone to play with in the rural town he’ll soon call home.

When Wilkin passed his bar exam, he had visions of big law firms, multi-million-dollar lawsuits, and becoming partner by forty in his future. An unexpected offer changes everything, bringing him back to his home town instead. It might be the glamorous career he once envisioned, but it’s where he belongs.

During a weekend in the city attending a conference, Wilkin meets up with some old law school buddies at Collared. When an adorable boy asks him to play, he can’t deny him. Wilkin’s not one for one-night stands, but for Skye, he’s willing to make an exception.

His Crimson Skye is a sweet with heat MM romance featuring a small town lawyer discovering embracing his daddy side, a little afraid to trust, a one-night stand that was bad at math, an agreement to never fall in love, falling in love anyway, age play, bottles, story

Heather's Review:

Today, while battling Covid, I was in the mood for a sweet, low angst read and what should arrive in my inbox, but an ARC offer from one of my favorite authors of low angst, Daddy/Little stories, Della Cain!

I really enjoyed getting to know both Skye and Wilkin and watching Skye emerge as a strong, positive young man who happens to have a little side and Wilkin get to know Skye both as a little and as a partner! This book had some unique twists and I appreciated them and the sweet story! Perfect for a cuddly afternoon with a cup of tea and a blanket!

Rating: 4 Stars

His Crimson Skye is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.