Heartthrob (Honeywood 1) by Noah Steele

A chance meeting leads to a first love between a poet and a photographer. Heartthrob is a dreamy romantic story to start this new series from Noah Steele, about college boys finding their forever person in all the hopeful and lustful ways young people experience.

From the blurb:

One chance meeting. Two curious college boys. Three weeks to figure out their feelings.


Meeting Leo was a happy accident. Now I can’t get him off my mind. Having feelings for a guy is new, and I’m in way over my head. My future’s been decided since I was in diapers, and falling for a boy in college wasn’t in my family’s master plan.

But from our first curious kiss, everything about Leo feels right. Before I know it, I’m dying for our friendship to become something more before the semester ends.

Screw the plan. I’m not going the rest of my life without him.


So much for not crushing on a straight boy. Only Clark’s not so straight, and it’s way more than a crush.

It’s easy to lose myself in his kiss and hard to forget the way he makes me feel. To the rest of Honeywood, Clark is the untouchable campus king of Royal U. To me, he’s the boy who comes apart when we touch, the boy who wants me to put him back together, and the boy who stole my heart when I wasn’t looking.

Clark is the muse who pulls poetry out of me.

Can he also be the boy who teaches me what it’s like to fall in love?

Heartthrob is a new adult low angst gay romance. Visit Royal U and the small town of Honeywood for a dreamy, steamy slice of life MM romance featuring explosive first times, fierce friendships, and curious college boys thinking with their bodies.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Honeywood). POC representation. Instalove. Found family. Low angst. Dual POV. 

College students Leo and Clark meet briefly at a party and begin a tentative romance which blooms quickly. Days spent talking and touching ramp up the feelings between Leo the poetry writer and Clark, the rich boy that wants to be a photographer, to his parents' dismay. 

This book is equal parts lyrical writing describing the main character’s feelings and steamy, young lust driven scenes when Leo and Clark interact. There is a group of supportive friends that hint at future relationships, and the secondary cast is both mature in their advice and yet very much college age in their actions. Both Leo and Clark are thoughtful and likable while risking their hearts to the immediate attraction that overwhelms them. 

Overall, a dreamy read with sweet and caring characters and a spot on in character HEA.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heartthrob is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.