Screwing With A Ghost (Haunted Love) by Morgan Mason

Screwing With A Ghost is a ghostly paranormal love story between an artist and the previous owner of his new home.

From the blurb:

When Miguel decides to move back to his hometown to help his mom and sister, the only home in his
budget is the abandoned and haunted estate he used to vandalize in his youth. He’s not exactly worried, but meeting the resident ghost isn’t high on his list of priorities. As Miguel sets about cleaning and converting the old barn into his new art studio, his ghostly housemate demonstrates strong opinions on Miguel’s life choices.

As far as new landlords go, Edward is pleased Miguel plans to restore his deteriorating ancestral home. Miguel’s ludicrous notion that men can wear dresses and sew, however, has Edward rethinking his ex-pastime in hauntings. But as Edward learns more about Miguel and his nontraditional lifestyle, plus the strange connection they seem to share, he can’t suppress his increasingly inquisitive nature or his burgeoning feelings for the one man who truly sees him, despite being invisible.

What starts out as a tentative truce, turns into something more as indignation melts into curiosity, then flirty teasing. Is it totally crazy that Miguel might have the tiniest crush on a ghost? Would it be even crazier to hope his ghost might have a crush on him back?

Sheena's Review:

The title of this is almost a misnomer, I get that it's a pun because Miguel is renovating the house he just bought that Edward happens to be haunting, though.  I like the concept of this, I understand there is a series of these all with different ghost stories so I was keen to see how it would all resolve.  

Edward has been trapped at his house for decades since being murdered, and now finds he can communicate with the new owner of the house, and so has a chance to move on.  Miguel has moved home to be near his own family, and bought the house knowing it was haunted but didn't expect to be able to communicate with the ghost, let alone begin a relationship with it.

I really liked this story, I felt for Edward as his predicament wasn't of his own doing, and I felt sorry for him being trapped there all this time with nobody around.  There is a bit of an insta-love thing, and it all develops between them fairly quickly and things escalate fast.  I did wonder how it would all resolve and I admit to feeling a bit sad when I thought Edward was moving on and away. 

It was a good story, it moved along fairly well and the characters are likable and the setting was well done too.  This is a first from this author for me and I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 4 Stars

Screwing With A Ghost is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.