Omega Island: Broken Heat by Wendy Rathbone

Broken Heat is a sweet with heat. Alpha/Omega both a little broken, fated mates. 

From the blurb:

When Elon no longer experiences heats, Omega Island is his last reprieve.

Omega Island is a private tropical island in the Caribbean specializing in sexual healing techniques for omegas who cannot be helped by traditional therapies.

Three years ago, omega Elon lost his mate. At 30, he’s still young enough to have a family. But there’s a huge problem, when his mate died, his heats vanished. No heat doctors seem able to help until one prescribes him a nice retreat: a week of healing at Omega Island.

Mykel is an alpha sexual surrogate who specializes in omega sexuality. A patient who cannot experience a heat is the perfect challenge for him. There are many natural ways to induce heats and he wants to try them all—if his patient is willing.

Non-shifter mm omegaverse, fated mates, hurt/comfort, hands-on sex therapy, edging, delayed and forced orgasm, heat sex, mpreg, HEA.

Janet's Review:

Elon is an Omega whose husband died three years ago along with his heats. He’s desperate to reclaim them, so he goes to Omega Island. There he is paired with Mykel, an Alpha that is a sexual surrogate, but he’s recently gotten past performance issues. 

Mykel helps Elon to discover that his husband wasn’t his bonded mate and was mentally abusive to Elon. Elon and Mykel’s pairing forces Mykel into a rut and eventually a fated mate pairing. 

Broken Heat was a great sweet with heat story. Elon has some healing to do, and Mykel was the perfect therapist for him. 

Overall, an excellent story. Well written with fantastic pacing. Read it in one sitting! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Broken Heat is available to buy on Amazon or read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.