Getting Married at Crofton Hall (Modern Crofton #4) by Rebecca Cohen

The big wedding at Crofton Hall, all paths lead here. Not without drama as Ben and Ashley are Getting Married at Crofton Hall.

From the blurb:

Ben and Ashley are getting married! The first time in history the Earl of Crofton will be allowed to
marry a man.

But wedding admin isn't always fun, and frayed tempers and bickering are not the best ways to prepare for the happiest day of their lives, but hopefully they'll make it down the aisle before one of them kills the other. The arrival of two of Ben's old friends at Crofton Hall does not help matters, especially with their rather messy shared history.

The hall also has a new writer in residence. Chris Gamling has arrived, and while he's not always with the plot in real the real world, he's a brilliant wordsmith. When he meets Jack Webb, Ashley's best friend, Chris feels the spark he's been waiting for. Sometimes meeting the love of your life doesn't have to be difficult.

Sheena's Review:

This is the fourth in the Modern Crofton series, it continues Ben and Ashley's story but also features a new couple each book. This book is Chris and Jack. Chris is a new character, Jack was previously introduced as Ashley's best friend in one of the earlier books.

I never mind catching up with Ashley and Ben, I have liked their story up to now and am happy that we get to see it grow and develop, however more than once I'd love nothing better than to knock their fool heads together and tell them just to stop, already. That's never more evident in this, they're both being more than a little ridiculous over the wedding.

I did like Chris and Jack though, it was a bit insta-love, and from 0-100mph once they did get together but I didn't really mind that as it appeared they were so well suited. I'd love to have spent more time with them than with Ashley and Ben though this time round, I kind of felt Chris and Jack got short shift in favour of the wedding.

This is such a diverse cast of characters and it's always good catching up with them, as ever there's plenty of heat and the story moves along at a good pace. By now I feel I've spent a lot of time with these characters and I'm thinking we're not done yet.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Once again, we revisit Ben and Ashley and another couple finds happiness in the lead up to their wedding!

This time, it's Jack and Chris who experience an instant connection and a slow burn as they both try to feel out the other man and his intentions towards a relationship...

We also get another peek into the relationship between Dorian and Robin.... and we see more of Bunny!

This book took us in so many directions and set us up for Dorian and Robin's story (maybe a spin off since they're already a couple and only tied to the Crofton series as friends???) and of course, we also need to meet the next generation now that everyone at Crofton Hall is paired up and some are ready to be parents!

Rating: 5 Stars

Getting Married at Crofton Hall is available to buy as an ebook and paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.