Cover Reveal & Excerpt: Song of the Sea by Duckie Mack

Duckie Mack ventures into the merworld with her next offering, Song of The Sea, which releases October 30th and contains...

🤵🏻Runaway Groom
🎸The Power of Music
⏰Time Running Out
 🌊 Underwater 👅 


A merprince running from destiny and a romance on borrowed time.

Calder is a merman and a Prince of the Seas. A marriage has been arranged for him to unite two kingdoms. In an attempt to flee a fate he doesn’t want, Calder barters for a year on land.

Denver’s dreams of being a musician fall apart when he loses his father. To carry on his legacy, he takes over their family shop, while learning how to live on without him.

Fate brings the two together, music the tie that binds them. Their connection is powerful and healing, but the clock never stops ticking, the end of the year drawing near.

Will the song in their hearts unite them or is the call of the sea too strong?

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“Denver, your body, it sings to me. It sings loud enough to block out the whole world, as if we could slip away into the quiet of space, nothing beyond you and me.”

Denver gaped and ran his hand through his hair. “Well, damn! That has got to be the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. Even still, if you need me to be quieter, let me know. I’ll try my hardest.”

I pushed Denver onto the bed and climbed on top of him. “Don’t you fucking dare. I want to wring every sound out of you that I can.”

Ok, I'm sold... are you?  Here's the Pre-Order link one more time -  Counting down the days until October 30th!