Audio Reviews: Yours, Forever After (Enchanted Folklore #1) and Yours, Everlasting (Enchanted Folklore #2) by Beth Bolden, Narrated by Brennan Rossi

Alyssagp has listened to, and reviewed, both parts of the Enchanted Folklore duet with both Yours, Forever After and Yours, Everlasting.

From the blurb:

Fifteen years ago, Prince Graham of Ardglass barely escaped from the ancestral castle with his young
life. Rescued by a magical creature and spirited off to a faraway valley, he grew into a strong, capable man - never shirking his duties on the farm, but forever bitter over his father’s betrayal. But just when he has finally come to terms with being lost and staying lost, a visitor arrives in his valley and changes everything.

After a lifetime spent lost in his beloved books, Prince Emory awakens to find his villainous aunt working to usurp the throne of Fontaine. When she sends him on a dangerous quest, he’s certain the journey is a trap, but he’s not willing to accept defeat without a fight.

But a fight is something Rory is unprepared and untrained for, until he’s saved by a handsome, unassuming farmhand and his snooty, smug, and surprisingly talkative unicorn.

Yours, Forever After now includes a bonus novella, completing Gray and Rory's magical quest for true love. 

Alyssagp's Review:

With the audiobook Yours, Forever After, author, Beth Bolden, does a great job writing a compelling romance between a young Prince and a man helping him along the way.

I loved the fantasy in this audiobook. There was a sarcastic unicorn that made me laugh. This audiobook story was like a movie; this book was a remarkable tale with heroes and villains, great adventures, and a slow-burn romance. The audiobook narrator did a great job! I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Yours, Everlasting - From the blub:

Evrard . . .Rhys . . .Evander . . .

Evander has gone by many names in the last thousand years. He’s lived almost as many lives, using his
immortality and his unique shapeshifting abilities to become anyone and anything. His goal was simple: to eradicate the malevolent magic threatening all humankind.

After finally succeeding, Evander feels he’s earned a justifiable and peaceful retirement. But the past never stays buried, and he discovers that it’s been watching him . . .

Marcos, the Guardian of War, has waited, he’s observed, he’s admired, and he’s yearned. But now it’s time for him to step into the light and let Evander see him for who he truly is.

But fate is fickle, destinies aren’t set in stone, and as much as Marcos hopes Evander might be his, it will be the fight of his life to not only win Evander’s heart, but to defeat the evil that once again raises its sinister head.

Alyssagp's Review:

I love a good fairy tale, and in this, the audience finally gets Evander's story.

The audience met two versions of him, Evrard, in the previous book Yours, Forever After, but in this book the audience sees the real Evander, the Guardian of Secrets.

This book has betrayal, mystery, hidden danger, good versus evil, and magical battles.

Beth Bolden's book series Enchanted Folklore, has been enjoyable. The audiobook narrator did a great job too.

Rating: 4 Stars

Yours, Forever After and Yours, Everlasting are both available to buy as an ebook, paperback, are Whispersynced. Both can be read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.