War Games (The Hanged Men #2) by Daniel May

A second chance for first time loves as dark family secrets that kept them apart are now being brought to light. After 10 years Nerva and Pascal are pushed together to uncover the past and try for another chance at love in War Games.

From the blurb:

Sons of opposing mob bosses, secretly married when they were seventeen, Nerva Alms and Joseph Pascal were doomed from the start.

After his father's gruesome murder, Pascal was mutilated and banished, and Nerva grew to replace his own father as head of the Hanged Men. Now, ten years later, Pascal has returned.

War Game is book two in the Hanged Men series, following Blood Sports. While War Games is a standalone, the story is best understood in the context of the first book.

SNik's Review:

Second in series (The Hanged Men), can be read as a standalone, but might be better if read in order. Second chance. Childhood friends/lovers. Dual POV. 

Nerva Alms is the young head of the Hanged Men and while he has his criminal business well in hand his personal life is deteriorating and filled with meaningless sex and drugs. 

When a very much alive Pascal turns up asking to enter Nerva’s territory, Pascal isn’t here for his former husband, and Nerva’s 10 years of mourning turns to bitterness and anger. 

Thrust together by an unpredictable killer, Nerva and Pascal slowly unravel years of family secrets and loyalty while still feeling the spark of their first and only love. 

A story diving into a dark history of criminal families and assassin networks with some supportive secondary characters along for the action and uncovering of past mistakes. 

The loss of Nerva and Pascal’s friendship and love, along with their dangerous upbringing have shaped them into different men but both still harbor unbreakable feelings no matter the time apart. 

Flowery prose and a slow build to resolution of character motivations were both appreciated and yet slow at times. 

Intriguing world build with damaged yet loving characters, with a return to some steamy interactions for Nerva and Pascal, this was an entertaining read.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

War Game is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription