To Love a Naiad (Naiad Romance #1) by Gigi Rivers

Our reviewer, Jacquie, was given the opportunity to read To Love a Naiad after reading A Naiad's Heart for the blog. You can read her thoughts here: 

From the blurb:

A lonely human fisherman. A naiad terrified of humans. An MM fantasy romance.

Fisherman Tam lives alone in his cabin. It’s a quiet life, a calm life, and a lonely one. One night, he sees a naiad in a cage. Horrified, Tam buys the naiad and sets him free. But even after the naiad disappears into the ocean, Tam can’t stop thinking about the beautiful, slender nymph, with his dark-blue eyes.

Shai has learned the hard way that humans are to be feared. But when a human saves him, it upends everything he thought he knew about them. He knows he should stay away from the fisherman. They are from two different worlds. They have nothing in common. They don’t even speak the same language. And although the man rescued him, Shai knows humans can’t be trusted.

But Shai can’t stay away. Nor can he ignore the desire he feels for this big man with his broad shoulders and hairy chest. But is there a chance for love between a human and a naiad? Or are their differences too great to overcome?

Content notes: sexual content, swearing, and captivity and abuse of nymphs.

Jacquie's Review:

There's the same sweetness with steam sprinkled throughout here, but it's a little more serious this time. There are some darker themes with the abuse that Shai has gone through and Tam's family cause issues for the couple.

I've read the books out of order but don't feel I suffered for that. I knew that Tam and Shai would have their HEA but didn't realise how hard won it was!

Shai has to overcome not only his fear of humans, but a language barrier, too. The other naiads don't really understand his attraction to Tam and with his history, it takes a long time for him to open up to Tam.

In To Love a Naiad, we see some of the early events of book 2 from a different perspective. Their timelines intersect 

I thought Tam and Shai were adorable together, and a lot of the book made me smile.

Rating: 5 Stars

To Love a Naiad is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription