The Hunt God's Hound, Of Gods and Men #3 by A.T. Lander

Nicole loved The Hunt God's Hound saying "this was by far my favorite in the series so far!!!! While books 1 and 2 were fun reads, they felt like so much fluff in comparison."  

From the blurb:

Heroes aren’t real, and neither is love…right?

Conall, a snarky and cynical Irish goatherd, just wants a boring life—no quests, no heroes, and definitely no curses. That all falls apart when a chance encounter with a Fomori sorcerer leaves him trapped in the body of a female wolfhound.

Arlen, a kind and noble hunter of the Tuatha de Danann, is tracking his most dangerous target yet, but his skills are not enough. To track this magical monster, he needs someone touched by its power…someone like Conall.

They strike a deal—to hunt their mutual enemy while Arlen bends the curse as much as he can. Now a hound by day and a human by night, Conall’s heart and instincts draw him to his handsome rescuer. When he goes into heat, it starts a tempest of passion and emotion that will either bring them together or tear them apart.

Can these two unlikely companions overcome an ancient evil, or will their story end in tragedy?

Nicole's Review:

Conall and Arlen's story is filled with drama, angst and true heroism.  

I felt there was a lot of character development for Conall especially. He starts out with no self worth, afraid of love, and under his family's debt. He transitioned into someone who was willing to sacrifice himself for Arlen, and by the end was able to see his worth and choose his future.  

Arlen felt least godlike of the series, but was a true warrior.  

The Hunt God's Hound was just beautifully done.  

There are still several smexy scenes in this installment, but it was supportive of the story instead of taking center stage.  


Rating: 5 Stars

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