The Devil's Lover (Hellbound, #5) by Alexa Piper

Lucifer is finally getting Lionel to realise how much he is loved in The Devil's Lover

From the blurb:

Lionel and Lucifer are drawn deeper into a murder case, but they are set on solving it together.

Just when Lionel’s love life has gone back to normal -- normal meaning the kinky Devil making his ownership known -- Lionel’s murder case gets stranger. Lionel’s birth father seems to have his hands in the mystery, and Lionel finds himself in the sights of Eris, goddess of discord.

Lucifer used to be a prime example of a powerful underworld deity with all the knowledge and skill to take care of a lover in the bedroom. But that was before Lucifer fell properly in love and won over his necromantic boyfriend, who also happens to be a demigod. Lionel’s innate magic, magical skill, and stubborn nature make it exceedingly difficult for Lucifer to be the alpha god he wants to be for Lionel.

Lucifer is set on finding a way to provide for the man he loves and to fulfill Lionel’s every desire. But before he can focus entirely on his necromancer, the two of them must solve the case, prevent primordial deities from being raised and destroying the world, and learn to communicate better. It’s what relationships and crime solving are all about.

Jacquie's Review:

This series is perfect for when I want something uncomplicated, steamy, but also with a plot. It's a quick read that hits the spot.

Carrying in from the last book, we have a troublesome god making more problems for Nelly and Lucifer. This means that it has to be read as part of the series, otherwise the ongoing story won't make sense.

Lots of Lucy just being sweet to Lionel and more of Nelly opening up to Lucy. They really are adorable together. I don't think that Lionel realises how much Lucifer would do for him, or how much the other gods, and Metatron, dote on the demigod. He's such a likeable main character that it's okay that he doesn't notice having Lucifer wrapped around his finger.

A couple of great new characters along the way. I especially liked the new investigator. Marc gets much less page time, which is great.

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

The Devils’ Lover is the fifth book in the Hellbound series. Each of their stories just keep getting better and better. 

Lionel and Lucifer are sooo much fun to read. I love how Lionel finally opens up. I love how Lucifer will do anything for Lionel!! 

The plot and steam are perfect for the characters. I adore the character growth, the way their relationship has progressed. And amazing secondary characters, Soul, Jeremy, Nyx, Chandler. 

Overall, a fantastic read! Well written with that perfect pacing that will hook you and before you know it the story is done. Highly recommend!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Devil's Lover and the rest of the series are currently available as ebooks in wide release.