Rut by Reese Morrison

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"Colorful tentacles and gay for you best friends is exactly what I needed this to be! I loved this freebie novella." Nicole on Rut. 

From the blurb:

Elias is a viratrix. Which means he's supposed to be big, strong, and in control. He's two of those
things... but being in control is the last thing he wants.
Especially when his colleague goes into heat, sending him and his best friend, Jordie--another viratrix who just happens to be his research assistant--into rut.

But it'll be fine. He just won't look at Jordie's muscular arms and alluring green tentacles. And he definitely won't let Jordie get close enough to find out his secret desires...

Nicole's Review:

Rut was short, sexy and to the point!  

I thought the world-building in this was so cool.  Most tentacle books I've read recently have been kraken/shifter base, so the Alien DNA modification was an interesting twist.  

Elias was so sweet, and I thought Reese did a great job portraying his character as a strong viratrix on the surface while feeling more genderfluid.  

Jordie obviously adored him, and I really liked how he made sure of his feelings before trying to commit to anything with Elias.   

The smexy times in this were soooooo smoking hot, and didn't overpower the storyline.  I really hope that we will get more stories in this world!

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Rut works well as a short but I'd love to see a longer version.

For something on the shorter side, there's a lot in here. Pinning, heats, world-building and some steamy tentacle times. It really packed a lot in there.

I found the world-building fascinating and really hope we get more in the series.

Rating: 5 Stars

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